28, May 2024
Locke’s house people just looked at each other in amazement and looked at each other in a slightly slower way, so they wished to directly put the girl into the family’s body before listening to things. They have never heard of Wen Buban’s response from the side. "A word palace and those gift-giving places are not afraid that we don’t promise? It’s a slap in the face. "

The old man snapped a can and said with a smile, "Let’s fix the truth … They don’t think highly of secular people. Now it’s like marrying ordinary people. It seems to fix the truth that the swan is betrothed to the clam … How can we not agree to that clam if we are not happy?"
Wen Leyang looked at Mu Mu with a carrot in his mouth and laughed. "Anyway, I won’t agree to this marriage."
Mu Mu’s little face turned slightly red and said nothing.
Lao Dao just raised Wang Laoji to his mouth and listened to Wen Leyang say so and let him go again. "Don’t marry? Then how do we find out what they’re up to? If you want me to say that you should marry, it’s not for us to lose money anyway … "Just smiled two times and suddenly felt that my sleeve sank and looked down. I don’t know when I took the exquisite horse to my feet and pulled his sleeve and watched Wang Laoji eagerly in his hand.
The old man muttered, "I don’t know how the Luo family raised the baby so badly!" Said and smiling handed Wang Laoji to the egg.
The egg took it and took a big sip. She chuckled and wanted to cry.
Wen Leyang quickly bowed his head in front of the old road and brought back Wang Laoji for a carrot for A Dan. At this time, two sounds at the same time, "Little Sun, this doll cries, so you give him a carrot?"
"Old seven, I think this little doll is mostly a little sun."
"It’s impossible for a doll to follow a little girl in red. It should be a little girl in red."
Two silly uncles are holding each other’s words and staring at Wen Leyang and A Dan with great interest.
Mu Muteng suddenly turned into a big red face and stamped his foot to rebuke "A Dan tore his mouth!"
The egg stared blankly at the owner for a moment before putting the carrot in his pocket and stuffed two fingers into his mouth.
Wen Leyang laughed, bowed his head and picked up Pang Xiao and snatched the tender hand out of his mouth. "I’m not asking you to tear your mouth."
Everyone in a house can’t help smiling.
Wen’m frowned slightly and hesitated for a moment before he looked up and said to Wen Leyang, "We must find out about the word palace …" After saying his word, suddenly the slate road outside the village came, clicking and clicking with the heel slate.
A cool and refreshing sound like ice tapping on a glass bowl came in with a smile. "What’s the check? So serious? " Then everyone’s eyes are bright, and a beautiful female ourtenant who is so charming that Chunshan is eclipsed appears in the line of sight.
Huo Ran, Wen Leyang, Xiao Yi and Mu Mu, shouted "raccoon dog!" Yelling Wen Leyang’s face is a little red. There is a sentence "Grandmother" added at the back. Xiao Yi and Mu Mu can jump to the front of the raccoon dog regardless of this set of laughter. The raccoon dog is also a little more affectionate to the two girls than the old goblin. Smiling and touching Xiao Yi’s forehead reveals heartfelt affection. Three women each have their own beautiful or clear innocence or delicate and charming hot or charming things.
The raccoon dog took two little girls to Wenleyang, looked at him with bright eyes and smiled with some surprise. "Did you eat something good?"
The good things in the mouth of the raccoon dog should be those who can run away and laugh at the meeting. Ganoderma lucidum will play with the carrot, not the carrot. Wen Leyang smiled and secretly looked at several respectful people before asking, "Don’t call grandmaster grandma?"
The raccoon dog’s crisp smile coiled around the village, reaching out and pointing out that he wanted to sneak away. The monk and the old man said, "Except for the two of them, others may call me by my name and don’t add those messy names."
Several old men, together with Wen Tunhai, Wen Buzuo and others, breathed a sigh of relief at the same time. They are all people with eyebrows and beards who have lived for decades. Although they know that this charming woman is still too old and has a lot of respect in her heart, it is really impossible to shout at her grandmothers.
At this time, Mu Mu suddenly exclaimed for one or two eyes, stared at the raccoon dog and muttered "Prad…… … Dior … is it all true?"
Wen Leyang didn’t notice that the raccoon dog changed her dress and wore a simple light-colored dress, showing a delicate and tender foot from beginning to end. She also stepped on a pair of exquisite and simple high-heeled shoes and held an ordinary small leather bag in her hand. As a result, the scream of admiration turned into a scream "Hermes Hermes!"
Because carrots don’t have a world brand, Shanliwa Wen Leyang has no idea about international famous brands. Mu Mu is different in age, and now she is in her early twenties. Like most girls of the same age, she will know some about top brands.
Since entering the village, the raccoon dog has never lost its smile. It’s always bright and smiling, and it’s always spreading the joy of seeing relatives from the heart. "My little girl knows the goods!" Said to see mu mu face envy gently puckering up a pair of beautiful eyebrows "don’t you have it yourself? Your family has no money? Will he … his brother have no money at home? "
Mu Mu seems to answer honestly, "It’s not that I have no money, it’s that my grandfathers won’t let me buy it and say it’s not worth it."
In the early summer, the warm sunshine turned cold with the sudden convergence of the brilliant smile. The raccoon dog cocked his head and looked at the uncle Luo’s house and gently asked, "Isn’t Prad nice?" Is it not worth it? "
By God, Uncle Luo Reagan had never heard of the word Prad in the first ten years. He swallowed and shook his head with a wry smile. "It’s worth it to look good."
The raccoon dog nodded slightly with satisfaction and ordered "buy whatever my girl wants"
Uncle Locke stared at Mu Mu mercilessly as he promised, only to find that the raccoon dog’s eyes were much more beautiful than most of him. "What are you doing staring at her? Don’t want eyes? "
Mu Mu secretly pulled the hand of the raccoon dog, and the raccoon dog re-bloomed with a beautiful smile to comfort Mu Mu. "That’s all right, the old man is my disciple and grandson."
Mu Mu couldn’t help crying and stamping his feet, and the raccoon dog felt that his words were a little shabby. He smiled and turned to ask Xiao Yi, "What about you? They won’t buy it for you either?"
Grandpa Wen Da ordered "Swallow the seahorse and send someone to buy a robot … robot … robot … Ashima … and Audi (repeat, Audi didn’t see the evaluation report! I bought as much as I can, and I gave it back to Xiao Yi and Mu Mu. Take more money. Take twenty thousand first … "
WenLeYang staggering "twenty thousand pieces? So expensive! "
Uncle Winton glared at him. "It’s more expensive to convert it into carrots!"
Wen Tunhai didn’t admit that so many mothers-in-law are knowledgeable. Hey, hey, smile and don’t be melodramatic. Just call over and give him a card to send him off to the mountain. When he left, he also told him, "Don’t go to the Prad monopoly in the county. Maybe it’s a fake place."
Mu Mu was afraid that Wen Bucao would really buy Dior Prad from the county seat and quickly told him, "I have to go to Chongqing or the sea!"
Wen’m coughed and respectfully asked the raccoon dog, "Please come in and sit down …"
The raccoon dog raised its white, delicate neck, narrowed its eyes and felt the sunshine with full enjoyment. It was lazy to say, "I don’t want to go into the house in such a beautiful sun." Only when I was facing Wen Leyang and two girls did I have that kind of intimacy from my bones. Although the origin of the other three brothers was the same, the intimacy was far from perfect.
At this time, Wen Leyang was serious. He touched a carrot and walked over and asked, "Why are you here?" Xiao Yi immediately helped him to ask again, "Why did you come here now?"
There is an unclear expression in the smile of the raccoon dog. It seems that there is some confusion and some regrets. Instead of directly answering Wenleyang and Xiaoyi, I shook my head and sighed, "This world of flowers and flowers has really changed. Just now, I also made a few jokes. Remember my words." Then I quoted a series of numbers in a clear voice.
Wenleyang, Xiao Yi and Mu Mu remembered at the same time that they were laughing when they cut the wild goose peak and grabbed the old monk’s mobile phone.
In a few words, the Wens, old and young, have put all the rattan tables and chairs in order. Winton Haida commanded, "Don’t cook today. We are going to eat well tonight!" Locke’s two big ye got such a fright that they couldn’t help touching their noses.
The raccoon dog sat lazily in the chair, even if he was so lazy, he was proud. The important members of Wen Jiahe’s family now stood in front of her with respectful and excited expressions. Except for three heartless teenagers, everyone dared not face up to this grandparent who learned to use mobile phones.
The raccoon dog asked Wenleyang smilingly, "What did you say just now? I also heard a word palace name. Did they bully you? " When it comes to the end, his eyes narrowed and he was already high and sharp.
Wen Leyang hurriedly laughed and laughed from someone giving gifts to the water mirror just now. The news was detailed and detailed. He told the raccoon dog again that the more he listened to his face, the stronger his smile became. Before he finished, he laughed and clapped his arms on the chair. His eyes were full of naughty "good things!" Without waiting for anyone to react, I suddenly thought of something, frowning with a beautiful eyebrow and a lovely expression, which made people feel as if a feather had brushed gently and muttered to themselves, "Don’t wait for a monk to come over!"
Two monks jumped over and smiled and waited for the raccoon dog to ask questions, but they were all nervous for fear that they would upset this female Yan if they answered carelessly.
Seeing the old man coming, the raccoon dog suddenly narrowed his eyes and leaned forward slightly. Although the tone was light, the tone was grim. "Do you want to tell the truth?"
Two monks swallowed at the same time and nodded their heads hard.
The raccoon dog showed a smile that seemed to be satisfactory. The tone changed from cold to clear and faint, and the lips gently spit out the word "Go ahead". He grabbed the table and sipped his face, showing that lazy expression again.
The monk and the old man looked at each other secretly, and after a long time, the old man raised his head with a bitter face and asked carefully, "What on earth does the teacher … Xian want us to say!"
The raccoon dog hummed a teacup and slammed it on the table with impatience. "Of course, is that chick beautiful!"
The old road breathed a sigh of relief, and an old face laughed so hard that Bao Qi cried "Beautiful! Beautiful! It is said to be a first-class beauty … "
The raccoon dog clapped his hands without waiting for the old man to finish smiling. "That’s it!"
Wen Leyang smiled wryly and grabbed a carrot and asked, "What is it?"
Mu Mu’s little face, which has turned pale, is full of grievances from the bone. He clenched his teeth tightly and didn’t talk. He looked at Wen Leyang or the raccoon dog with his head down and stared at his toes. Suddenly, the fragrant wind drifted across the raccoon dog with a bad smile and appeared in front of her eyes. He stretched out his hand and wiped away that pearl-like tear. "Gee, little girl, I wouldn’t cry if I were you."