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"Li Cheng’s style of play is unique, and he has his own style. This beautiful style has become a unique landscape in nba. He is different from any star and has his own unique beauty and charm. "

Chapter DiYiSanEr I will shoot here.
The Pacers’ tactics are more perfect on the basis of the previous ones, mainly because there are more tandem functions among Sung Jae Lee, so their balls are not sluggish at all, but more smooth.
All the people who are watching the game are amazed at Li Cheng’s rapid progress, and the game is going on at the moment.
Lor-Deng often loses when defending Li Cheng, and Hinrich will pass more balls to him when the team attacks, so that he can find some venues. Lor-Deng’s emotional control is not bad, and he also plays brilliantly on the offensive end.
This year’s lineup of the Bulls is not weak, but this team that won the defending champion in the first round last year is getting farther and farther away from people’s expectations this year, which makes everyone a little confused. But in this game, the Bulls still played a little bit of their style.
Li Cheng and Lor-Deng can’t prevent anyone on the court. They are in a mutually explosive situation. On the other hand, Granger and Tinsley are more comfortable, and Noah and Hinrich are also doing very well. By the middle of the second quarter, the Pacers were 7 points ahead of the Bulls.
Lor-Deng and Li Cheng have been talking to the garbage. Not only have they not stopped physically, but they have never stopped talking.
Miller was watching the game, too. He saw Li Cheng and Lor Deng chattering all the time, but they still didn’t tell the winner in their mouths. Miller was ashamed and murmured, "Damn, how dare this boy say he is my apprentice when he goes out? It’s a shame that he can’t spray this Englishman."
At this time, the Pacers’ attack, Tinsley controlled the ball through the half court, and Li Cheng quickly ran to the outside of the three-point line to catch the ball. Then he dribbled to the right baseline, and Lor Deng followed him.
"You are not very good at shooting? Can you throw? Don’t bother, China. " Lor-Deng said.
Li Cheng stopped, glanced at Lor-Deng and said, "I’ll fake a breakthrough to your left later, and then I’ll pull the ball back and shoot it on your right."
Say that finish, Li Cheng paused, as if to give Lor-Deng time to react.
"Here we go." Li cheng said, at the same time, the body began to do the action. He first broke through to the left, then quickly dribbled the ball back through his crotch, and then took a step to the right, followed by his body rising into the air.
His body leaned back a little, and then the basketball bypassed the fingertips of Lor Deng and flew to the basket with an ultra-high parabola.
Li Cheng kept shooting, ran back two steps and watched the basketball fall into the basket.
Lor-Deng looked at the basketball entering the box, and looked a little driven out of his mind. He ran back to his frontcourt blankly.
"There seems to be something wrong with Lor-Deng. I wonder if Li Cheng said something to him."
With the guide to cut back to the picture just now, the commentator’s explanation is just right.
Miller saw this scene, first one leng, then a satisfied smile. "This boy is a bit of a true biography of Lao Zi."
Then Miller said to himself, "I’ve been very busy recently. Do you have to find a time to see this boy?" This kid has been doing well on the court recently, and it seems a little too much off the court. It is not good to offend too many people, especially those journalists who eat people and don’t spit bones. "
Li Cheng was praised by Miller, but he got more boos at the United Center. Soon after, the boos couldn’t satisfy the fans here.
If the number 23 of the bull is the object of worship by all the fans here. Now the Pacers’ No.23 has become the object of disgust and hatred by the fans here.
"pretty boy!"
"China people, pretty boy!"
Such shouts began to spread to Li Cheng’s ears. Originally, only a few people were shouting, but soon such shouts spread like acute infectious diseases. As long as Li Chengyi takes the ball, the scene will make such shouts.
Li Cheng had a fire in his heart, but he didn’t make any radical moves on the fans. He took all his anger to the Bulls’ basket.
Because Lor-Deng was a little stunned by Li Cheng’s ball, the Pacers took advantage of the opportunity to hit a wave of offensive high tide.
In four minutes, the Pacers played a wave of 10-0. Among the Pacers’ 10 points, Li Cheng scored 6 of them, and Granger’s first CIC was an assist he sent. Li Chengzhi’s ferocity is evident.
Boylan soon found that the situation on the court was getting out of control, and he replaced Lor Deng. However, his practice still didn’t help the Bulls save the situation in the first half. At the end of the half, the Pacers beat the Bulls 56-41. They finished the first half with a 15-point lead.
When entering the player channel, Li Cheng received the most "intimate" greeting from the fans at the scene.
"Little white face, get in and be careful not to get out."
"Xiao Bai, come and stay with Lao Zi for one night, which will definitely make you cool enough."
"Watch your ass."
Chicago’s fans do everything they can, and Chicago, as one of the cities with the highest crime rate in the United States, is also quite tough. All kinds of foul language are constantly attacking Li Cheng.
The anger in Li Cheng’s chest could no longer be suppressed. He stopped and said, "You are doing your death. In the second half, I will use the fiercest attack to make you speechless."
Soon, Li Chenggong ushered in more fierce bristle and boo from fans. But he never stopped and walked slowly to the dressing room.
His No.23 figure seems to echo the No.23 jersey hanging high from the ceiling of the United Center Arena.
The live director captured this picture very keenly, and then more people saw this scene.
Miller was the first to applaud, and then he thought of himself, his lingering hatred with the fans in the basketball holy land in new york, and the story with the famous director Spike Lee, a die-hard Knicks fan.