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"What are you talking about?" As soon as I heard this, my face sank and I shook his hand angrily and left my face to one side.

Zou Chen smiled.
It’s always like this. I’m angry. His smile really drives people crazy.
As soon as I knelt down from the bed, I stared at him with my hands akimbo. "What are you laughing at? Try again."
Zou Chen chuckled and held back a smile, but his eyes still smiled and smiled … It was so beautiful.
I’m annoyed that my power is despised.
Suddenly, I threw him down on the bed and kissed him hard. I kissed him in a random way, chewed and sucked my uvula, and stirred it in his mouth
Zou Chen’s double bracelets are around my waist, and I am in his body.
I opened my eyes and peeked at him. A man was enjoying himself, but his eyes were closed with a smile.
Section 113
Er … How did my punishment become a male pleasure?
Chapter one hundred and forty-seven You must wait for me in situ.
I opened my eyes and peeked at him. A man was enjoying himself, but his eyes were closed with a smile.
Er … How did my punishment become a male pleasure?
I was about to get up when I took a bite on his lip, but he buckled his waist. He rolled over and pinned me down.
Zou Zou looked annoyed that my eyebrows were smiling and I wanted to bite him again. Gradually, he converged his smile, his eyes became deep and dark, and he stared at me for an instant.
I was so focused and affectionate by him that I felt weak. "Why?"
His body suddenly pressed down on me and supported his head to look at me.
I twisted my body to protest that "you are too heavy to crush people"
He still looked at me like that, and suddenly he found that his eyes were full of glittering and translucent, and my heart panicked.
"If one day I accidentally lose you … you must wait for me in the same place and I will try to get back to you … remember?"
For a moment, I stared at him. I read his eyes. I was afraid that he wouldn’t operate now because I was afraid … of losing me again.
I put my neck around him and hugged him tightly. "Well, I will wait for you in the same place, even if I am afraid of waiting until I am white-haired."
"Well, it’s agreed that if you dare to leave halfway, I will …" I blocked his words in my mouth. I don’t know what he made me feel distressed at this time. If so, I am willing to pay the price to calm his anxiety and help me. I don’t want to see him like this.
It turns out that no matter how strong a person is, there is a weak side.
I kissed him gently as if I wanted to pour all my tenderness into him.
At this moment, two hearts seem to be psychic, and both can feel how much the other loves them.
Embracing the brocade and kissing each other, our souls are tightly connected to one lip again, and we all smell bitterness, fragrance and sweetness after bitterness.
At this moment, I think I will look back no matter how difficult the road ahead is.

After Zou Chen left, I nestled in bed and relished the sweetness and happiness just now.
I never thought that an unruly person like him would cry, and it was me. I was moved from the bottom of my heart, and I couldn’t express it in a word or two. In fact, I don’t want to see him like that. He made me feel right.
Anyway, Ye Jia’s ruined father is to blame. If it weren’t for his default, I don’t think Meng Zhijie would be so bold. Although Meng Zhijie has wolf ambitions, he still listens to his father. Otherwise, how could he become a major shareholder of Yatai from a small accountant?
I’m afraid that A Zhe will hate me when he thinks about his parents? Although he doesn’t care at all now, it’s because he remembered something about our past. He didn’t blame me, but if … he forgets me again, will he still have no resentment?
It’s full of joy, and this random thought makes me feel a little disappointed.
I thought to myself, then let me repay it all my life. He didn’t hate my love.
Zou Chen has been busy for several days, even on Saturday and Sunday, saying that he wants to finish everything and accompany me to court on Thursday. I’m really afraid that his body can’t stand it, but he looks more energetic every day. I think he must have been fascinated by my tenderness to be so radiant.
And I can’t sleep every day these days. Zou Chen didn’t even let me go to the hospital when he saw me. I think I may have been physically overdrawn and didn’t insist on calling my father. He assured me that he would listen to the doctor, so I stayed at home for a few days with peace of mind.
And Ouyang Xue doesn’t know if she has returned to Beijing these days, and she hasn’t appeared or said anything, which makes me feel more relaxed.
On Thursday, Zou Chen and I got up early together and leaned against the glass door of the kitchen after washing. I was still a little sleepy and looked at him busy in the kitchen. I felt that this picture was really beautiful with a smirk on my mouth.
"Did you wake up … what are you giggling about?" When Zou Chen turned around, he just caught a glimpse of me smiling like a nymphomaniac.
I’m smirking again. I’m a little lost in happiness these days. I get up every day and someone makes breakfast for me without starting work. I end up at the bedside, half asleep and half awake, and then I’m put to sleep after eating … It’s just a queen’s life.
"Stop smirking and throw two cups of cows away," ordered Zou Chen, giving me a spoiled look.
I answered "yes" straight and sweetly.
He cooked breakfast after I heated the milk. He cooked his famous seafood porridge today and steamed six crab dumplings and a corn. See, I have a good appetite.
I don’t know what I usually like to eat crab dumplings, but when I put them in my mouth, I felt queasy. Even smelling the smell made me feel a little nauseous. I vomited it on the table and hurriedly ran into my hands. Don’t retch.
Zou Chen was startled by me and chased him in to see me retching and caressing my back. "How can you vomit well?"
I vomited a few times, but I didn’t spit anything out. I smoked a piece of paper and wiped my mouth. "It’s okay. My stomach vomiting is normal," I said with relief.
Zou Chen took a towel and wiped my mouth. She looked worried. "Go to the hospital and have a good check."
"It’s okay, it’s just that sometimes it happens before my stomach aches." I gargled and dragged him out.