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He has seen the photo album in the Paladin Gallery. According to the ancient saying, the time tablet contains the secret that the ancient Aztec people can lead people to eternal life.

However, despite the magic, Imil noticed that "the Aztecs are still extinct, and no one can rely on this slate to become immortals. Without these words, even if it loses its ancient Chinese heritage, it is hard to attract the attention of SHIELD."
"This is our Imil," Magdalena said with a slight frown. "Father Terrence, a professor at the theological seminary of Columbia University in new york, accepted the invitation of SHIELD and has conducted a preliminary study on the slate."
Imil had a premonition in his heart and asked, "What is the research result?"
Father Terrence will recommend two of his students to join SHIELD to analyze the tablet in depth, and also be recommended as Mr. Magic reed richards and Dr. Kurt Connors of new york State University.
"Aha, they are all acquaintances. Dr. Lizard, the captain of Fantastic Four" Imil knew that Father Terrence would suggest to SHIELD that the research students must be himself and Magdalena.
Or what? Send Mizini or Quentin undercover?
It seems that S.H.I.E.L.D. has indeed inherited the sense of responsibility of the Pacific police in the United States. Any abnormal earth will find a way to blend the tesseract, so will the Thor hammer. Now even the time tablet in the jungle of South America will not be let go by them.
Magdalena said in a faint voice, "Father Terrence has visited the research center of SHIELD when he was invited. They secretly set up a department called the United Nations Institute of Dark Energy, which is actually a comprehensive research base for all kinds of mysteries."
Imil pricked up his ears and listened carefully. Now every detail may play a key role in success or failure.
Magdalena said, "I have mastered the architectural drawings of the United Nations Institute of Dark Energy through the church information system. I will briefly explain one of the people we need to deal with. Natasha, a black widow, was born in the KGB of the former Soviet Union. We suspect that she has undergone genetic or biological transformation to delay the aging rate and enhance her various abilities."
She took out a picture of Natasha from her body and handed it to Imil. Natasha was with a Russian man with a statue of Stalin behind her.
It looks old in the former Soviet Union, but Natasha’s appearance was already stereotyped at that time, which initially revealed her spy temperament as the best show girl in human history in the future.
"There are also hawkeye clint barton Circus actors, professional criminals, archery teachers, butcher workers, dock van drivers and former federal wanted criminals, but he has obtained an Amnesty. He has won the title of Hawkeye and the praise of" the best sniper in the world ".
Of course, Imil had already enjoyed Hawkeye’s superman shooting skills in the cinema in his previous life with various special arrows made by SHIELD. Hawkeye Barton is more powerful than most mutants.
And if I didn’t admit my mistake, Imil remembered that Barton also appeared in another film "Raytheon" by Marvel Comics Company.
According to his performance, Hawkeye not only excels in archery, but also has motor nerves and dynamic visual acuity, especially the top shooter like this usually has a very sensitive feeling.
More often, they aim at the target not by eyes but by intuition.
The intuitive body trained by millions of shots is a superhuman ability. Imil is not confident that he can be invisible in front of the eagle eye without being seen through.
Maybe the eagle eye can’t see the hidden body, but it will definitely feel that Imil is closer than direct intuition to aim and shoot.
Imil had a little cold sweat, but luckily he didn’t act rashly, otherwise it would easily arouse the vigilance of SHIELD.
The normal defense force is already amazing. If Nick Frey senses that someone is trying to attack the Dark Energy Institute, he can mobilize a superhero enough to wipe out Imil and Magdalena several times.
"It’s not too difficult to deal with these two guardians, but the hardest thing is that we don’t know where the dark energy research institute is now. The dark energy research institute covers a large area. We need to steal Long Baoyu without disturbing the agents of SHIELD."
"This is really a trouble," Imil mused in his mind.
Imil waited for a moment to see that Magdalena stopped talking, which means that Father Terence didn’t have any good ideas, otherwise he would have taken out the tesseract conveniently when he was mixed into the Institute of Dark Energy to study the Time Monument.
After thinking for a while, Imil asked, "Actually, I have an idea. I don’t know if the priest will agree with me. Just say it casually. It is said that SHIELD has obtained such an artifact, which can help people to achieve eternal life. Besides, Father Terrence’s certificate really has magic power. Isn’t anyone else tempted?"
Magdalena is suspicious. "SHIELD is not stupid enough to publish its research information. Wait a minute. What do you mean?"
Imil smirked and said, "SHIELD is unwilling to announce that we can help him. I don’t believe that there will be people in this world who are not interested in eternal life. I am confident that if I want to spread the news, there will definitely be people who are tempted in this world. Besides SHIELD and the church, I don’t know how many people can mobilize these people to disrupt the situation. We just start work."
This trick was not originally created by Imil. There is an idiom in China called "Fish in troubled waters". Imil is going to study the Time Monument to stir up the stagnant water in the Dark Energy Research Institute. Even if the Rubik’s Cube is stolen, who will doubt two graduate students from Columbia University?
Chapter one hundred and forty-seven Private requests
Take a step back and say that the church is worried about making bad friends with the United States, and there is no way to rob the tesseract by force. Isn’t the United States worried about offending the spiritual leaders of the whole western world?
There is no evidence. Even if some people suspect that Imil Magdalena stole the tesseract, there is nothing they can do.
Magdalena looked up and looked at Imil in surprise. I didn’t expect this guy who looks like a young man to be so dark-hearted. She couldn’t understand the feeling of being energetic when a person faced the devil.
The sense of out-of-control of the law has always been lingering in my heart, which has promoted the rapid growth of Imil
Imil doesn’t care what Magdalena thinks. If Father Terence accepts his suggestion, then Magdalena’s opposition will naturally be effective.
He nodded and said, "I think it’s a good idea. The more outsiders are involved, the more attention the two of us will get, and the less suspicion the thief may get after taking Long Baoyu."
Therefore, we don’t need to hide our participation in the S.H.I.E.L.D. investigation. On the contrary, we should let Father Terrence use the potential influence of the church to broadcast the news that the time tablet has magic power.
Imil always said, "We are invited by S.H.I.E.L.D. to do research. Students don’t need to be responsible for the safety of the time monument. When the right opportunity comes, all we have to do is take advantage of the chaos to seize Long Baoyu and steal it from the research department of S.H.I.E.L.D."
Magdalena questioned, "But Father Terrence made a secret oath before entering the research center of SHIELD, and he vowed not to publicize what he saw in the research center."
"Ha!" Imil smiled noncommittally. "Come on, this oath has no effect."
He pointed out rudely, "Otherwise, where did you learn about the Dark Energy Research Institute? Didn’t Father Terrence tell you? Even if it’s not what the priest said, then someone must have violated his oath of confidentiality. "
Compared with her predecessors, this generation of holy gun nuns is too pure.
It’s like a virtuous little white rabbit
I don’t know which generation of Nuns began to lose their Longinus guns, which led them to lose their position in the church, and they were slowly pushed out of the core of the church, and finally they were dispatched to the Arctic Ocean to guard the sunken tesseract.
Although it seems that Magdalena is cold to everyone, it is actually an embarrassment to cover up that she grew up in the Arctic Ocean and rarely contacted outsiders.
It was not until S.H.I.E.L.D. found the place where Captain Steve was sleeping that Magdalena had to leave the cold world in the North Pole when she rescued Captain America and "accidentally" salvaged the tesseract back to the headquarters.