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Jin Lingzi stood up and said, "Yesterday, Huang Yue asked me to wash away people’s soul memories for her disciples. I agreed to wash away people’s soul memories for them on the basis of what my senior brother said. Who knows that the first one to be washed is Luo Ying, and she is not convinced that it is a brother here, and she will definitely not make such a decision! "

As soon as he said this, Luo Ying came quickly to Bai Meng and smiled: "Congratulations on the master’s recovery. In fact, this is not the case at all. It is clear that Uncle Jin Lingzi decided to wash away our souls without authorization. My master and uncle had to agree to ask the master to judge because of their feelings!"
Bai Meng asked Huang Yue with a sneer, "What Jin Lingzi said is wrong?"
Huang Yue sighed: "Master … please kill them. They are hopeless. Let them be reborn!"! Today, Red Crescent and I officially betrayed our master, and my master decree re-established the Guanghan School. "
Red Moon also said, "The Grand Master of Red Moon stepped in to dissolve the foundation of evil influence and washed it again. Now he is a Xuanmen who is willing to wash away the memory of people’s souls and belong to the second generation of disciples!"
As soon as they said this, even Luo Ying was shocked. She even stepped back a few times, staring at Huang Yue with a bleak face and resentment. She said, "Master, if you can’t help me at this point, say that Jin Lingzi is wrong. I at least have a chance to save my life!"
Huang Yue, like a Taoist, said, "I am no longer my teacher." As the saying goes, it is still possible for the living to do evil and not live. All causes and effects started when you wanted to seize this fairyland. You had already surrendered to us. You thought that there were many people and you started to seize the fairyland from within. How do you know that the land of great happiness cannot be kept by people who are not blessed? The land of the Great Immortal cannot be a town without the people of the Great Immortal! "
Fu sighed again: "All causes and effects are caused by me, and you are not wrong. If you are a near-re-embodiment person, I will accept you as a disciple to teach you well, and I will make you return to the Xuanmen to achieve a positive result!"
Luo Ying shook her head hard, and finally she knelt down in despair and cried, "Luo Ying lost her footing for a while, but I hope the guru will give me a chance to turn over a new leaf. Have pity on me, and I can go to Mahayana after practicing in such a state and crossing two robberies. Please ask the guru to give me a chance!"
She knelt down 6 non-success and silver moon also knelt down and begged Bai Meng to give another chance.
Bai Meng snorted with a cold face: "I originally wanted to resolve this matter when the war is just around the corner, but where it is easy to resolve it is proof that the’ heaven is guilty’ can still be done by the living. "
As soon as he said this, silver moon got up and shouted angrily, "Lingbao, you are so rude. Now that we have begged for mercy, you can at least give us a way out without looking at the monk’s face and the Buddha’s face. After the big deal, let us go. Since then, our Moon Demon Sect is the Moon Demon Sect. The Guanghan Sect here is Guanghan Sect, and they don’t want to do it! "
Jin Lingzi sneered, "It’s even harder to get in and out. You already know the depth of the fairyland. Can you let you go?"
Silver moon said angrily, "Well, Jin Lingzi, how about we fight it out? If … who!"
When her voice suddenly turned, there was a flash of red light on her neck, and a wisp of blood and fog came out. A wisp of Yuan baby’s soul flew out, and Bai Meng offered the reincarnation mirror and went straight to collect the soul.
Sakura frightened and looking back, it was 6 non-success. She never thought that it was 6 non-success. She was about to speak when she made moves behind her back. She had been charged with the soul by Bai Meng’s reincarnation moonlight.
6 Yun took Guanghan sword and knelt down in front of Jin Lingzi, saying, "Master, my disciples have already completed the decree, but I have no face left in the world. I hope that Master will give me a life after death and never practice this fairy demon again. I just want to be a mortal, have a husband and a daughter!"

Chapter one hundred and eighty-one VIII dissatisfied housewife
Bai Meng’s heart burst into gloom, and Huang Yue and Red Crescent were unwilling to touch the cause and effect between Guang Han Sect and Yue Mo Zong again. Let 6 non-success settle down. Although it is already Jin Lingzi’s five disciples, silver moon is still her former grandmaster after all. How can she survive with this sword?
The thought of meeting her for the first time in the past gave birth to that little feeling, which actually made her feel a barrier when she was desperate. She was born with the nine-water phase, which was the nine-yin true water under the 90 thousand iceberg. After tens of thousands of years, she became a square, a ghost, and then reincarnated as a spirit grass. After 100,000 years of reincarnation, three souls and seven spirits can be born.
Although it is not a problem for this emotional barrier to re-enter the truth for a lifetime, it will be full of disasters until the emotional barrier is gone.
I am Dreadwind’s true destiny. Who does not meet in the three realms of reincarnation? Whose destiny will change because of myself. Heaven is the foundation of the road. Who can reverse it? Destiny is a mystery born with the continuous operation of heaven. At the foot of the mystery, 300 billion creatures in the afterlife are in the destiny. Only that other person’s destiny can’t be controlled only in heaven but not in heaven.
Bai Meng sighed and said, "I can’t help it if you make a promise today and you must experience the magic in the future." But you are a rare person in the world, even if you don’t want to cultivate immortality and demons, as long as you are born, someone will eventually cross you and lead you into this road of cultivation. Doomed love is where we are today because of you and me. Let’s just leave me and naturally give you a chance to reincarnate. I will accept you as a disciple and allow you to have a husband, a son and a daughter! "
6 Non-success looked back at Bai Meng with a sad smile: "Once I was willing to be your wife. Do you know? "
Bai Meng noticed that something was wrong and could not help exclaiming that he was about to make a move, but he had already filed a cold sword. A sword pierced the abdomen and shattered the Yuan God, giving up his soul and throwing it into the ground.
A grievance between heaven and earth went straight to the fairyland, and the Zi Xia fairyland, which was shocked by the hell, was turbulent and resentful, and it went straight to Zi Xia. Hidden in the Zi Xia.
Jin Lingzi’s eyes flashed and he shouted, "Huang Lingzi will come with me to the underground house. Don’t let this woman be reborn! "
Huang Lingzi slightly chin. He was so dead that he couldn’t resist pulling Jin Lingzi and went into the mud to chase the soul of six non-success.
When the sky was bare, it was violet scattered people accompanied by childhood scattered people who came to see Bai Mengji and said, "Brother, I have already calculated that those 6 non-success women turned out to be the seventh resentful women. I will definitely endanger Wonderland in the future to help you cross her! "
Bai Meng smiled and offered the Zi Xia Fairy Hall. I’ve collected many remnants of the Moon Demon Sect, and I’ve gone underground myself.
Hell and Zi Xia Wonderland are generally a new world owned by this great underground place, and it is a wonderful place that the ten Yan kings will re-establish together with all kinds of ghosts and gods.
Bai Meng chased thyme and met Huang Lingzi and Jin Lingzi, but in front of them, it was black and white impermanence that led dozens of bull’s heads and horses to be ready for battle, and the 6 non-success souls had been detained by a bull’s head.
These are the Yin gods Huang Lingzi and Jin Lingzi, who have not dared to go forward until the late Mahayana. Bai Meng took advantage of some contacts with black and white impermanence and stepped forward: "The two Yin gods meet again today!"
Black impermanence stepped forward and said, "Please come back, three real people. The judge has already known about this woman! Lingbao’s real life was Youlong, and there was a little disciple named Xiang Koujun under the pedestal. She got help from Youlong several times, and she secretly fell in love. It happened that the real person’s love had been broken in those years. This woman learned witchcraft and was lured out of her legacy by Youlong. The woman committed suicide that day and gave birth to a wisp of resentment that others could not resolve. Her resentment of reincarnation is getting heavier and heavier. This life has failed to resolve the afterlife. It is the eighth resentful woman. If Dreadwind is not resolved, it will endanger the survival of your fairyland in the future! "
Bai Meng was shocked and said, "Thank you for pointing out Lingbao. I appreciate it very much!"
Black impermanence continued: "The cycle of destiny is inorganic, but the fact that Lingbao real person and Diling real person are not in the destiny is the two major variables of the change of heaven and earth. If this woman accumulates the grievances of the ninth century and breaks away from the cycle of destiny, it will become the third major variable. Things are even more unpredictable. Three real people must be cautious!"
Bai Meng frowned and thanked Bai impermanence. He said, "The cold-faced judge has announced that the real person will take the avenue to cross the countless ghosts in Zi Xia Taoist Temple, and it will also be a great merit for us to surrender those ghosts and kings. Dreadwind’s life is really great, and we dare not be gracious. Three months later, on the seventh day of July, it was a cloudy year, when it was cloudy, when it was cloudy, and when it was cloudy, the Qili Cave under Huangshan Green Snake Peak was a big yin cave. This girl must have been born there. Everything in the future can only be resolved by real people themselves! "
Bai Meng sighed slightly: "Thank you, judge, and the two deities of Yin are very grateful!"
Bai impermanence took another The six great divisions in the wheel of karma lamp and said, "The real person has made a big vow to surrender the ghost emperor in Ganquan Mountain, who wants to break into the underworld and fight with us several times. If the underworld falls into chaos in The six great divisions in the wheel of karma, the Yan King will give this lamp and a real person, and please ask the real person to keep his word and surrender to the ghost emperor for two years. "
Bai Meng was surprised that he had only that heart, but he never thought that he could really surrender to the ghost emperor. It was only when the words came out that all three circles knew that they could not deny it and had to take the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma lamp and ask, "I wonder what the wonderful use of this treasure is?"
Bai impermanence said, "This lamp has six lights: yellow, Chu, green, cyan, red and black, which correspond to human, animal, herbal medicine, glacier, red lotus and seamless. If you hit a ghost with one light, you will be thrown into six ways. If you shine with the upper light, it will be reincarnation. If you shine with the lower light, you will fall into the hell of the Great Glacier for 3,000 years, the hell of the Great Red Lotus for 6,000 years and the hell of life and death for 9,000 years. At that time, the real person will only know where the ghost has gone by looking at the treasure photo. It’s just that the real person can’t fully use the magical effect against Zhang Bao before Mahayana, but it’s more than enough to deal with those ghosts. "
Fu added, "When the King of Yan delivered this treasure, it was said that the real person had great compassion from that great monster, and he could already hold the reincarnation lamp. If you put the lamp in the reincarnation mirror in the future, everything will be wonderful!"
Bai Meng smiled coldly and knew that Yan wanted to borrow his own hand to get rid of Zhang Bao and let the six roads return to normal. Without thanking him, he said, "I already know. Go back and tell Yan that Lingbao knows how to use this treasure. Won’t embarrass him! "
Black and white impermanence slightly pleased and Bai Meng Ji led the ghosts to retreat.