6, Jul 2024
The amazing change shocked all the people present, whether it was several younger brothers of Dugu’s family, or Xia Dongliu, Dugu Sword, etc., all of them changed color on their faces. That big purple hand is so horrible that it can easily crush a master of deification.

Xia Dongliu held the jade bag with the ancient tripod, and he wanted to escape from the vein, but the purple hand firmly blocked the outlet of the vein.
Colorful glow fills the air, and another old man in Tianchi offered a colorful clock. The colorful clock is a magic weapon with all attributes, and thousands of Swiss colors shook the purple hand.
Zhong Shengyang, purple hand slapped on the colorful clock, which trembled and almost flew out.
The purple big hand seems to be a living thing. When the big hand is pressed down again, it slaps several palms toward the colorful clock. The colorful clock crashed into pieces and fell to pieces.
Xia Dongliu, Dugu Sword and the old man in Tianchi made moves, and the three great deification masters joined hands to shake hands with purple hands. The whole spirit pulse rumbled and almost collapsed.
The purple hand pressed down and blew an old man out of Tianchi. With a scream, the old man smashed half of his body and smashed it into the surrounding purple crystal stone wall, with blood flowing and half of his body bloody.
Xia Dongliu and Dugu sword cut out two swords together and strangled the purple hand.
The purple hand is very swift, and it crosses a strange radian, smashing two sword mans with a flick of a finger.
"Shit, we’re all going to die here!" Dugu sword said with a frown, he offered a sword figure, which spread out "Hua", and thousands of swords flew out and killed purple hands.
At the same time, a dozen magic swords, swords, halberds, axes, hooks and forks were suspended behind Xia Dong’s body, and all the weapons were they nest, and the murder was amazing.
The old man in Tianchi, whose half body was smashed, struggled to fly and offered a golden wheel, which suddenly turned into hundreds of tracks and drowned in purple hands.
Under the cover of the purple hand, the violent momentum fluctuated and stirred, smashing all the attacks and rushing to the front of the old man in Tianchi, beating him apart with a palm.
The two masters of Tianchi’s deification period all fell.
Xia Dongliu and Dugu sword stand side by side, pale and clinking. They already have plans in their hearts. This purple hand seems to be aimed at the ancient tripod in their hands to kill themselves. If it really doesn’t work, abandon the ancient tripod and escape to live first.
And at that moment, the purple hand suddenly turned its finger and pointed to a corner of the vein. In that corner, there stood an old man and a young man. It was the blind old man and Zhuge who didn’t shine.
Xia Dongliu and Dugu Sword are also one leng. Just now, in the battle of life and death, I suddenly didn’t notice when the two men came in the spirit vein.
The blind old man rummaged through the lingshi pile at the moment, and finally, he found a purple hand bone in the lingshi pile. It was not the hand bone of ordinary people, but it was like a purple jade, and it was very bright.
Just at the moment when the blind old man put away the amethyst-like hand bone, the purple big hand was like crazy, and it was shot at the blind old man and Zhuge. The violent fluctuation was mighty, the purple light was dazzling, and it was like a mountain.
"I depend, Sir, what did you take!" Zhuge Liang was startled. He just witnessed the terror of purple hand, and he can easily crush the master of the deification period, which is by no means something he can compete with.
The blind old man stepped on the mysterious footwork to dodge, and Zhuge did not care about his image when he was not bright, so he rolled aside with his hands on his head.
Under the pressure of the big hand, a pile of top-grade lingshi was blown to powder, and the blind old man and Zhuge dodged awkwardly. The purple big hand came after him, and the big hand took it.
The blind old man’s broken bamboo pole pointed to the purple big hand, and there was no overflow of brilliance, but the seemingly tattered broken bamboo pole actually blocked the purple big hand.
This scene, including Xia Dongliu and Dugu Yijian, was amazed. It’s not the first time that they met the blind old man. Even though they knew that the blind old man was a terrible master, they didn’t expect the other party to dissolve the attack of the purple hand so easily.
The blind old man swept away the bamboo pole and drew it on the purple big hand. The purple big hand made a detour, and the purple light was generous, and once again it hit the blind old man.
The blind old man is erratic, like a ghost, avoiding the bombardment of purple hands. He also seems to know the destructive power of purple hand terror, and he doesn’t take it head-on, beat about the bush, and dissolve the destructive power of purple hand.
At this moment, the crystal stone wall of Lingmai burst apart, and another purple hand flew out. Several people all changed their faces, and a purple hand was already very difficult. I didn’t expect another one to come out.
The purple hand broke through the wall, right next to Zhuge’s unlit face. The purple hand burst into a strong light and directly slapped Zhuge’s unlit face.
"Oh, bad luck." Zhuge gave a bitter cry before the light, and the purple hand was very fast. In desperation, he did not give away his identity. Zhuge Brightheart didn’t move, but the purple moon suit appeared on him, and he dodged like a purple lightning.
The purple hand missed a blow and pursued Zhuge again before dawn.