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Another golden day passed, that is, the era of thunderbolt turned to the end of 62.

Earl Shalai, the chief of Liancheng Star Domain Supervision Division, was sweating on his forehead. Nearly 30 aristocratic children and their private soldiers who entered the Red Gorge River system before and after this day (a thunderbolt year) were all missing, even including Huang Grandson and his millions of temporary true spirit mercenaries.
The urgent report is sent to the imperial capital and then to Tiandao.
Glaessing Fenwen, the chief of the supervision department who is tasting tea, almost didn’t spit out the fragrant tea in his mouth, and almost didn’t throw the cup in his hand. This is a big deal. He knew that the thunderbolt empire was not a good thing, but he didn’t expect the thunderbolt empire to be so bold. This guy doesn’t want to think about it. What did these nobles and private soldiers do when they entered the Thunderbolt Empire? Instead, blame the thunderbolt empire for its boldness! It seems that people always have a one-sided heart to protect calves! So is the thunderbolt empire.
"The problem should be in the Hongxia River system," Glaessing Fen read again from Blue.
The supervision company reported that "the aristocratic children who entered the baby star domain and many thunderbolt empires were in a fierce battle, only here." Only the royal family and aristocratic children who entered the thunderbolt empire from Liancheng star field disappeared. It seems that it’s time for the second legion of Liancheng Star Domain and Lanpi Star Domain to attack! " Glaessing Finn angry.
Liancheng star domain secondary legion is not much, only two; There are many blue star fields, as many as a hundred. In a sense, the Second Corps is not only an extension of the police force, but also a royal reserve corps, and it is also a military force that can be used by various departments in an emergency.
What a hard struggle this will be! As the heart is clear. Whether it’s the super-corps, the first-class corps or the second-class corps against the Jin Empire, the only means for the troops of the Thunderbolt Empire to deal with it is mobile warfare. Maybe for a long time, even the imperial city is moving.
Glaessing Finn didn’t know that the heavenly heart of the Thunderbolt was ready for confrontation, and had regarded the whole baby star field as the deep zone of the Thunderbolt Empire. The regular army of the Golden Empire came, and the troops directed by the Thunderbolt Emperor Department retreated. To realize the strategy that the enemy advances and we retreat, if the baby can’t stay in the star field, then jump into other civilized pet star fields and guerrilla in the void, if time permits, for the civilized pet who dares to attack the emperor team. Let a thousand critical immortal legions destroy this civilization’s pet emperor Sect; On this side of the front, heavenly heart led the thunderbolt fairy legion to move vigorously at the junction of flying star field and Liancheng star field, and entered Liancheng star field as appropriate. Liancheng star field is now empty, and the first-class legion skyshatter is still contained in the first interstellar Wanluo River system.
The bugle sounded and the drums beat.
Xi Yu, the head of the Second Army Corps in Liancheng Star Field, was depressed. Since receiving the order from the Supervision Department to attack, he led a billion soldiers in junior high school and thousands of star fortresses below level 10 into the Red Gorge River system. In front of him, the arrogant Emperor Thunderbolt turned Ferodo, the great grandson of the Grand Duke of the Empire, into a blood fog and declared that this was the end of all invaders.
"What happened to the invaders?" Xi Yu was shocked by the cold and murderous words. Ferrodo’s death was not so much that the other side was angering the gold empire, but rather that the other side was declaring war and showing its determination. A shadow rose in his heart, as if he saw the bloody future of the empire.
The second legion will certainly catch up with the thunderbolt, but the thunderbolt is always within their exploration range, but they just can’t catch up with it. When the Second Legion came to rest, it was only after the escape and the chase that this young man found himself no longer in the Red Gorge River system, but in the wild flying star field. He panicked well, and the situation was obviously intentional.
"Which river system is this, and how far is it from Liancheng Star Field?"
"Sir, our army is now in an unknown river system, three river systems away from Liancheng Star Field and eleven river systems away from the First Star." The army staff replied loudly.
"Where is the enemy?"
"Sir, the enemy is in the same river system as us, but it seems that it is no longer a person. According to the establishment of the Thunderbolt Empire, it should be ten immortal legions, and the number is equivalent to the number of true warriors in this legion."
"Really?" Tin feather face sank down. "Do you think the other side is going to fight with us?"
"Sir, I don’t think so."
"Well, let’s find them for a decisive battle, divide our forces into ten ways and encircle them together."
Connect to Tiandao.
When the Second Legion of Liancheng came up with the idea of repairing the critical immortal legion of Thunderbolt, the Emperor’s Hall was in a state of seriousness. After watching the video data of the execution of Ferodo by the heavenly heart of the Emperor of Thunder, the Grand Duke of Ferodo, who arrived in a hurry, was furious and bowed to the great emperor, sobbing, and asked the empire to avenge him again.
"Your heart is sad at ease, and Ferodo is unfortunate, and my heart is very painful." Great emperor consoled.
FeiDuo also want to say, for the army minister Bakla, and whispered, "your great-grandson is also in the hands of the fanatics, and all the ministers are trying to rescue. It was very humiliating to the empire, and the emperor was very angry … "
"The opponent is hot!" Baksu’s voice. :; | The evil Thunderbolt Empire is divided into two ways, all the way to the void of Baby Star Domain and all the way to the junction of Feitian Star Domain and Liancheng Star Domain. Moreover, there is no important person in the Thunderbolt Empire now, and the Emperor Zong’s Thunderbolt Gate is missing. Except for a little basic police force, there is no trace of the army. The Thunderbolt Emperor seems to have given up the vast territory of Thunderbolt Empire.
What made the great emperor angry was the declaration of "liberating the pets of civilization" of the thunderbolt empire. "Am I too careless?" Great emperor asked himself. Then the emperor became even more angry, and none of the reports sent clearly stated the military strength of the thunderbolt empire.
"What do you think of the buffoon thunderbolt empire?" The great emperor suppressed his anger.
"Your Majesty, I think it should be encircled as soon as possible, lest it become a prairie fire." Yawuqi, the second minister in charge of military strategy, said.
"Yes, your majesty. I watched the thunderbolt empire advance and retreat, and the deployment was very clever, as if I had known there would be today. I saw that the imperial court was very familiar with the national policy of imperial civilization and had a certain knowledge of Dili … "
"All right." When the Great Emperor heard this, he thundered. Ya Wuqi’s words were like a slap in the face. He boasted that he was smart, but he didn’t expect a thunderbolt empire to appear under his nose. "We will do the encirclement and suppression at your discretion, and we only want the result."
"yes, your majesty!"
"Great-great-grandson, if you can save him, save him. If you can’t save him, consider him dead for the country." Great Emperor’s eyes flashed with cold light.
"Don’t worry, Your Majesty, I will try my best to save Your Highness Bi." All the ministers chorused.
In fact, there is no need to save. Tianxin hasn’t tried to kill His Royal Highness Huang Sun. When Tianxin was playing hide-and-seek with the Second Army of Liancheng Star Field, the great-grandson of the Emperor had returned to the island with a declaration.
"Word Oracle enemy emperor, your highness back. Our thunderbolt empire came into being, and it was our duty to liberate the pet of civilization. I don’t care who the Verdi team dares to kill and enslave the thunderbolt empire and the people of civilization indiscriminately, even though they are far away, they will be punished. Ferrodo is proof, I hope you will cherish endless lives! "
"Good verve! I’ll talk to you about this when I’m qualified. Now, fight for your life! " Great emperor grimaced, and a palm shattered the announcement, but I don’t know how many gold lives were shattered by this palm.

Chapter three hundred and two In a dangerous situation
In the flying star field, as it is also a shock, Yan Luowang’s cold smile on his face, since the great emperor shattered the announcement with his own spirit force, as it knows that it is a stand-off with this empire.
"From this moment on, I am not a thunderbolt, but a shura emperor. I am not cruel, and my people will suffer great disasters. Fight for your life? Hey, from this moment on, everyone is fighting for their lives! "
"God knows Luo Tian everywhere."
Tianxin instant lore and sharp fighting spirit enveloped this unknown river system belonging to Feitian Star Domain not far from Liancheng Star Domain. Ten regiments of Liancheng Second Legion, who are splitting up and trying to break through, are heartbroken. The enemy seems to be everywhere, and the fighting spirit is tearing at their nerves.
The enemy is divided into ten ways, which is exactly in line with the tactics of ten times the encirclement of Tianxin. Where did Liancheng Second Legion know that his attempt had already been exposed under the omniscient knowledge of the other party? It was not that they were able to break through the thunderbolt critical fairy legion, but that the latter was setting tight encirclement, waiting to be divided into one of ten shares, that is, a wing, to enter the ambush circle.
Ten thunderbolt fairy legions were ready, and a hundred thousand true spirits were scattered and repaired, and the heavenly heart was in a state of being a baby. The silent river system in Fiona Fang was shrouded in a hundred light years, and the dragon-drawing ruler was flashing with blood and red light sacrifice in vain. At this time, the regular army of Thunderbolt Empire, Tianxin, gave up the heart of lore, and no longer kept the idea of being taken captive for our use. That was too time-consuming, and more oneself had to be careful.
Liancheng’s Sixth Wing of the Second Army Corps, with a continuous delay of 100 million Jin soldiers in junior high school, broke into the giant body of the baby in a hundred light years. Under the cleansing of the invisible and non-inductive baby Xuanwei Guanghua, the vitality representing the capability and endurance was being taken away, and it was attributed to a burst of flashing red Guanghua.
A hundred light-years away, easy to get in, hard to get out!
Tie Fangling, the commander of the Sixth United Wing, couldn’t say what was wrong. Since he entered this void, he had a creepy feeling, but the commander of the early period after the true spirit put all his true consciousness into full play and didn’t find out why. His exploration of true spiritual knowledge is only a month.
The orders from the heavenly heart of the Emperor of Thunder are constantly issued. Ten billion critical immortal warriors of the Thunderbolt Fairy Corps and Jin Zhen Ling Xiu, who were in the early stage of millions of true spirits, began to collect their pockets, and the 100 million true spirit warriors of the Sixth United of Liancheng Second Corps who entered the ambush circle quietly closed in.