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To improve the strength of the monster beast army. There’s not much that Xi Fangping can do. First, he’s trying his best to stuff the Dan medicine and Lingcao into the mouths of those monster beasts with high strength, and strive to make them advanced again within five years. This is not difficult for Xi Fangping. In yanlong cave. Xi Fangping didn’t get many varieties of exotic flowers and herbs. But there are a lot of them, like Jiuqu Ginseng. White crane cheese, purple monkey flower, colorful lotus. Although with those top exotic flowers and plants such as green dragon grass, rosefinch fruit, Xuan Bing Tianlian and so on, there is still a big gap. However, in the realm of fixing truth, it is already a rare good thing. In particular, many flowers and plants collected by Xi Fangping are long enough, and tens of thousands of years are everywhere. Plus, there are more than 100,000 drops of stalactites in ten thousand years, and a lot of high-order monsters can be churned out in a short time.

Back to Hunyuanzong, the first thing Xi Fangping did. That is, all the first-class and second-class immortal beasts have been released, and the first-class and second-class immortal beasts that have been staying in Hunyuan Sect always add up to about 80 thousand. Except for the ten immortal beasts that have advanced to the 14th order and are likely to be taken away by the light of the third, Xi Fangping gave each one a 10,000-year-old Jiuqu Ginseng and Baihezhi. These two things are different from colorful lotus, and they have no healing effect. However, they are very beneficial for quick ascension and cultivation. At the same time, Xi Fangping gave a drop of stalactite to each high-ranking monster beast until they took it, and then ordered them to find a place to retreat.
Subsequently, Xi Fangping released 1.5 million three-product monsters, and selected 20,000 ninth-order monsters with the best qualifications and the highest cultivation. Each one also bought an herb and a drop of stalactite. Originally, there are thousands of ten-order animals among the three products of celestial relics. But … These ten-order three-product immortal beasts have basically advanced to the top, in a short time. Don’t try to make them more advanced. Therefore, XiFangPing simply is not on them.
Stalactite. You know. The stalactites of ten thousand years are rare: it is too difficult to give hundreds of thousands of drops. Anyway, as long as the things are over, give the three products of celestial relics enough time and abundant aura, they will advance to the fourteenth order sooner or later. After feeding these. The remaining ten thousand-year-old stalactites of Xi Fangping. There are only about five thousand drops left.
After feeding these 20,000 selected three kinds of celestial relics, there are not many Jiuqu ginseng and Baihezhi left by Xi Fangping, and there are only about 5,000 plants at most. However, most of these Jiuqu Ginseng and Baihezhi are 17,000 years old, and they are the first exotic flowers and plants planted by Hunyuan Sect in that year. These things are worth a lot of money. Xi Fangping is reluctant to use them all at once and put them on his body, which will work sooner or later. As for the purple monkey flowers, there are at least two million in Xi Fangping’s belt, and there are even more colorful lotus flowers. The efficacy of purple monkey flower is not as good as that of Jiuqu Ginseng and Baihezhi. However, their output is large, and their efficacy is long-lasting, so, in terms of grade. Compared with Jiuqu ginseng. It’s only a little short. Xi Fangping gave each of the remaining three immortal animals a purple monkey flower, and at the same time, he also fed a colorful lotus to improve their ability to resist injuries. In addition, Xi Fangping also took out about 500,000 Polygonatum sibiricum, ginseng, yam and so on produced by Hunyuanzong from his belt, and specially found those over five years old, chopped them into three parts with a sword, and fed them to these three products of celestial heritage animals on average.
When it was the turn of the four celestial beasts, Xi Fangping was dumbfounded. Xi Fangping’s herbs accumulated over the years are enough for more than 60 million four-product celestial beasts to eat. If nothing else, there are tens of millions of three-color lotus in his belt, and how many four-product celestial beasts are enough to feed.
Moreover, Hunyuanzong’s territory is big enough, even if all these more than 60 million animals are released, it will not be crowded. Anyway, these celestial animals are very good, and they will not fight each other. It’s easy to raise.
But the problem is that once these more than 60 million four-product immortal beasts are all released, the food produced in Hunyuanzong is not enough for them to eat for a month. However, if you don’t let them out, after feeding them, they will get no benefits. The time inside the belt is different from that outside, so they can’t practice inside, so they can’t benefit from the exotic flowers and herbs. After thinking about it, Xi Fangping decided to feed things to them first. As for food, it can always be solved. At worst, he went to seven schools to help him buy a lot of things like Miaoxiang rabbits in the fix-up world, which can support him for a while. Anyway, as long as there is a stone, nothing can be done. Besides. Even if there is no food, the impact on these four celestial animals will not be too great. These guys. Most of them have reached the level of gas condensation period, and their hunger tolerance is much stronger than that of monks. They have been hungry for several years and more than ten years. Nothing will happen, at most, it’s just that the advanced degree is slow, which affects reproduction. What Xi Fangping needs now is not more monster beasts, but to improve the cultivation of these existing monster beasts as much as possible. In fact, this kind of practice is quite a bit like encouraging others. Xi Fangping would not have done it before. But now the opportunity is just around the corner. If we don’t grasp it, it will probably drag on for hundreds of thousands of years. Therefore, Xi Fangping can’t care so much.
It took two whole months for Xi Fangping to feed all the monsters. If it weren’t for the help of the six 14-order thousand magic apes, it would take at least a year to feed these monsters. After feeding. All the animals left in the celestial world have found a place to practice by themselves. XiFangPing this just picked up a machete from the hands of the Godsworn, cut down a lot of Huang Yuzhu. After hundreds of years of continuous reproduction, the topaz planted in Hunyuan Sect has become a large bamboo forest, and at least hundreds of thousands of topaz arrows can be made. Moreover, now Xi Fangping’s cultivation is far better than before, and with the help of six fourteen-order magic apes with high spiritual intelligence, it took only a few days to cut down all the suitable topaz and put it into his belt.
After cutting the topaz, Xi Fangping turned his attention to diamond wood again. This thing, if it is made into a stick by mixing it with Wannian darksteel, and then mixed with a little bit of Geng Jing and Xuanyu, is a magic weapon with quite terrible power. Geng Jing has it in Xi Fangping’s hand. In the warehouse of Zhenlingmen, Xi Fangping found at least two thousand Jin. It’s all hidden from the Heavenly Spirit Sect by the True Spirit Gate, which has been secretly accumulated for more than 10,000 years. Because of the fear of being sent by the heavenly spirit, Zhenlingmen has been afraid to use these Geng Jing in the magic weapon of training. Unexpectedly, it was all cheaper than Xi Fangping. As for Xuan Yu, let alone. Feixianmen specializes in this stuff, and they owe Xi Fangping a lot of debts. It can only be arrived by Xuanyu, which is just used to refine magic weapons. These are all prepared by Xi Fangping for as many as two thousand red-faced snow Han in the belt. Red face and thin snow are one of the most effective monsters in Xi Fangping’s hands. Their cooperation with the two-winged Tianma is simply seamless. Extraordinary power. Xi Fangping will not let go of this powerful force in vain.

Chapter two hundred and eleven HuiQing through (on)
, Hun Fangzong, Xi Fangping showed his posture, and most of the monster beasts were in retreat in Hun Yuanzong in the direction of Yingyuewu. Xi Fangping only brought ten monster beasts with him. However, in terms of strength, these ten 14-order monsters are enough to sweep the entire magic star. Want to know, destroy the magic star, the strongest, also only the monk at the end of the yuan baby, moreover, reach the level of the peak at the end of the yuan baby, also just a few people such as Yin Wuji.
Xi Fangping has to rush to Yingyue Island. He is not good at refining utensils. If he wants to equip the red-faced snow guess with a powerful magic weapon, he must ask seven sects for help. Visiting the seven sects one by one with other sects, it is better to directly find the Moon Palace, Yin Wuji and others, who will help Xi Fangping solve all the problems. Besides, five billion pieces of lingshi have to be handed over to Yin Wuji, who will then distribute them among the seven sects.
Because he didn’t ride his iconic one-horned bull, Xi Fangping went to Yingyue Island silently and didn’t attract anyone’s attention. It took two whole days. Xi Fangping arrived at Yingyue Island. Outside the gate of Yingyue Palace, it is deserted, far from the previous excitement. Also, Yin Wuji and others didn’t feel the arrival of Xi Fangping, so they naturally wouldn’t go out to meet him. Moreover, now seven sects are burying goods for Xi Fangping. It’s such a big order. It’s estimated that every disciple is too busy to practice, so there is no time to wander around.
Outside the gate, there are only two monks in the Dan period with more than a dozen disciples in the condensate period. When a monk came from dozens of miles away at the beginning of Yuan Baby, they all showed an alert expression on their faces. One of them took some disciples to meet him, while the other disciple hid and was ready to alert the palace at any time. Although Yingyue Palace is now the largest sect to destroy the magic star, no one can guarantee that no one will come to beg for wildfire. It is always good to be careful.
When Xi Fangping was only about three miles away from the gate, the monk in the Dan period flew into the air and bowed at a distance, saying, "Please stay, elder. I don’t know your name, so please let me know that the younger generation can invite the elders to come out to meet you."
XiFangPing nodded slightly, yes, Yin Wuji set-up well, although YingYueGong has become the first sect to destroy the magic star, but his disciples are not arrogant. Compared with the disciples of the True Spirit Gate, the way of doing things in Yingyue Palace is obviously much wiser. Although Zhao Hancheng is a generation of lean, but. Compared with Yin Wuji, there is still a big gap, at the very least, in the management of sects. Far less than Yin Wuji. You know, in those days, a disciple of Zhenlingmen dared to make a hullabaloo about the scattered repairs in Yuan infant period. Of course, this is also related to the rise of Yingyue Palace. The rise of Yingyue Palace is dramatic. In a way, the rise of Yingyue Palace has more elements of providence. Therefore, the disciples of Yingyue Palace cherish this hard-won prosperity and naturally dare not run amok.
Xi Fangping laughed and took off Fang Xi’s mask. clear voice said, "What’s the matter, I don’t even know him?"
When the disciple in the Dan-knot period saw it, his face showed ecstasy, and he hurriedly bowed and said, "It turns out that Elder Xi has come back. Please ask Elder Xi to enter the island slowly and let the younger disciple know immediately."
Xi Fangping shook his head gently: "No, you go about your business. Yingyue Palace is also my home. Why do you have to make such a big noise when I go home?"
Say that finish, slowly fly towards the gate. While following respectfully, the disciple at the end of the Dan Festival shouted at the disciples below, "Elder Xi is back, hurry up, go and tell the elders." After a few breaks, a melodious bell rang at the mountain gate, which was to report to the palace that a distinguished guest had come to the door. Less than half a cup of tea after the bell rang, three figures flew in from a distance. At the same time, Xi Fangping heard the familiar strange voice from a distance: "I don’t know that Taoist friend came, but I am sorry for coming here."
Xi Fangping laughed: "Brother Wuyin, I’m just going home. I’m really sorry to disturb my brother."
Yin Wuji’s voice suddenly grew louder: "It’s Brother Xi, and Brother Xi has come back."
While speaking, three figures have flown to the front of Xi Fangping. It is the three elders who are the highest and most powerful in Yingyue Palace. The yin is infinite, the yin is boundless and the yin is boundless. Xi Fangping didn’t dare to neglect. He quickly stopped and fell to the ground. He bowed respectfully to the three men and loudly said, "Brother Wuji, Elder Sister Infinite, Brother Infinite, how are you recently?"
Yin Wuji laughed: "Good, very good, my brother, don’t need so many gifts.
Brother Xi, come and sit with us in the Chamber. Brother Boundless, you call all the other elders, even if they are closed to the outside world, you have to shout them out and tell them that Brother Xi is back. "
Yin boundless should be a cry with a smile, hurriedly jump fly away.
Xi Fangping followed Yin Wuji and Yin Infinite and flew slowly towards the door, laughing: "Brother Wuji, don’t be so polite."
Yin Wuji laughed and said, "Yes, yes, you are just in time. I have a good thing to tell you, but before that, you have to tell me the purpose of your coming here."
After telling you something good. You’re not in the mood to talk about it at all
Xi Fangping ha ha a smile: "Brother Wuji laughed. What good things can there be? "
While speaking, I have arrived at the Chamber located in the center of Yingyue Island. In front of the Chamber, twenty elders in their infancy lined up in a row, waiting respectfully for the arrival of Xi Fangping. After a few commonplaces, a group of people walked into the chamber. Just sitting down, Yin Wuji quickly asked, "Brother Xi, how are things going?"
Xi Fang did Sarah laugh from the bottom of her heart. Yin Wuji, who has always been calm, actually gives people a feeling of being impatient. From this, we can see that he promised you a planet equivalent to the Pleiades in those years, which was a great temptation for seven elites such as Yin Wuji. A person who has never occupied a small village, when he knows that he may have a big city, that kind of mood. Xi Fangping is understandable.
Xi Fangping nodded slightly: "Everything goes well with Arcturus. I have controlled the transmission array, and the support forces of the Tianling Sect there have basically been annihilated. My Xiji firm has also gained a foothold there. At the same time, I also learned something about the Tianling Sect, so I came back specially. Informed you. "
Yin Wuji quickly asked: "What is the strength of the Tianling School?"
After taking a deep look at Yin Wuji, Xi Fangping said simply: "Although the Celestial Sect claims to have more than 200 planets, they only regard other planets as resource stars, but only support some subordinate sects to manage them. They are not stationing a large number of troops on those planets. Most of the troops of Tianling Sect are on Pleiades, the planet where its general hospital is located. As far as I know, the Tianling Sect has more than 300 disciples in the deification period, 500,000 disciples in the Yuanying period and 100 million disciples in the Jiedan period. "
Everyone here gasped at the air conditioning, and the strength of the celestial faction is too exaggerated.
See those horrified eyes. Xi Fangping smiled and then said, "That’s not all. There are still about 10 billion resident monks on the Star of Arcturus. These monks are all the families who are supported by the Celestial Sect and have an inseparable relationship with the Celestial Sect. To some extent, they are the peripheral disciples of the Celestial Sect. These disciples of the Xiuzhen family enjoy the same treatment as the true disciples of the Celestial Sect, and their loyalty to the Celestial Sect is far from that of the subordinate sects. It can be said that the fix true family is the real foundation of the celestial faction. Once the war is born, the disciples of these fix true families will take the lead for the celestial faction without hesitation. If we want to deal with the Celestial Sect, we have to face these terrible disciples of the Xiuzhen family. Moreover, due to the abundant aura on the Pleiades, the cultivation of the disciples of the Xiuzhen family is also quite terrible, and high-ranking monks abound. They are the biggest obstacle for us to deal with the Tianling Sect. "
All the people present look a little ugly. Ten billion disciples with considerable cultivation ah, what kind of concept is this? How can they not imagine it?
Feeling the fear in these people’s hearts, Xi Fangping changed his temper and said simply, "Of course, we are not without a chance. My information was forcibly extracted from the mind of a monk at the end of Yuanying in Tianling School. However, this monk at the end of Yuan Yuan’s baby is not the core figure of Tianling School, and he still doesn’t know anything about it. In particular, he doesn’t know much about the specific situation of Tiens Star Field. Due to the blockade of Tiens Star Field by the senior management of Tiens Star Field, except the Godsworn, the other disciples don’t know how big the casualties of Tiens Star Field are, that is to say, these data are all data before the start of the war in Tiens Star Field. I haven’t found out their real strength now, but what is certain is that their strength has long since fallen behind. "
The people present breathed a sigh of relief slightly, as if they had consciously won a few more points. However, they may not have thought that the Tianling Sect has weakened to a terrible extent, and its strength has decreased by 99%, which is dozens of times greater than the total strength of the seven sects. Seriously. It has no influence at all on the seven sects to what extent the heavenly spirit faction is weak. Anyway, without the help of Xi Fangping, if they don’t pay others, they can’t defeat the Tianling Sect. Of course, Xi Fangping doesn’t need the seven sects to fight, and the Tianling Sect wants to find trouble with the seven sects, and there is nowhere to start.
Xi Fangping’s tone slightly increased by 20%: "Besides, I also got an important news. Tiens star domain is a very important star domain, which is much better than the 28-star star domain in terms of resources and aura. For this reason, it has attracted the attention of other major sects in the fix true world. Since Huanglongmen and Tianlingpai have been fighting for more than a thousand years, they can’t decide whether to win or lose. Therefore, their backers are also ready to make their own moves. " One!
Hearing this, Yin Wuji’s face suddenly lit up: "You mean Hunyuan Sect and Kaitian Sect?"
Xi Fangping nodded: "Yes, it’s those two sects that are terrible. The strength of these two sects is dozens of times stronger than that of Tianling Sect. Once they get involved, the Celestial Sect can only watch.
No matter from the number of resources or the number of disciples, Hunyuan Sect has certain advantages. However, Kaitian School has been operating for more than 100,000 years, and its influence in the field of fixing the true is deeply rooted. At the same time, it also has an ancient celestial axe, and its strength is extraordinary.
On the whole. The two factions are evenly matched. Once there is a fight. Never stop. Without hundreds or thousands of years, it is impossible to end the fighting. Just like the war between Huanglongmen and Tianling Sect, which lasted for more than 1000 years, the outcome has not yet been decided, not to mention these two big factions.
This is an opportunity for me. If I can get the overall strategy of the Heavenly School from the Heavenly School, I won’t be sure. The war will end early. As for how to proceed. I don’t know anything about the Pleiades and Tiens. According to my guess. The two factions will start a duel in ten or decades. Therefore. I have to blend in with Pleiades in advance. Play it by ear You know, the big sects want to go to war. It’s not that easy. At the beginning, Jinlong gang, a gang that was almost negligible in the field of repair, wanted to wage war against Wu, and it had been prepared for so many years, not to mention Hunyuan Sect and Kaitian Sect whose strength was almost hundreds of millions of times that of Jinlong gang.
In order to ensure the success of this matter, therefore. I came back as soon as the Pleiades thing was over. The purpose of my return this time is to make another deal with you. Sure. This is just a small business, and it will not add too much burden to the seven sects. "
When I heard that there was a deal, Yin Wuji’s face suddenly lit up, as long as it was a deal with Xi Fangping. They have never suffered a loss: "Go ahead. Brother Xi. Let me know if there is anything wrong. "
Xi Fangping nodded slightly: "You should know that among my monsters, there is a kind called blush and snow. I can use magic weapons. Last time, you prepared 101 sets of equipment for me. Now I need more of the same equipment, estimated to be around 3,000 sets. But … The requirements of this equipment are different from last time, sticks. To add Geng Jing, the arrows should be made of topaz and some things should be added. Please don’t worry about Geng Jing and Huang Yuzhu, I have brought them, just please make them. To this end, I will pay 100 million pieces of lingshi for the transaction. I think this price should be ok. "
Yin Wuji nodded, which is not difficult for the Moon Palace now. In order to fulfill Xi Fangping’s staggering order, the seven sects widely recruited disciples and various skilled practitioners throughout the Destroyer Star. And the salary given is very high, the master of the device on the entire Destroyer. Basically, they all came to the seven sects, and even disciples of some sects in other countries temporarily accepted the invitation of the seven sects in order to earn the spirit bureau. With so much manpower, it is easy to complete the goods delivered by Xi Fangping.
Yin Wuji asked softly, "Brother Xi. This is a trivial matter. However, what should I add to Huang Yuzhu’s arrow? "
Xi Fangping smiled and took out a piece of azure sand that had already melted from the storage bag and handed it to Yin Wuji. Yin Wuji took it and looked at it for a long time before he said hesitantly, "This seems to be azure sand. I read about it in a book left tens of thousands of years ago. Just … As far as I know, azure sand has no effect. At most, it can only increase the weight and hardness of its magic weapon a little. Teacher younger brother should melt these things. What’s the use of butterfly "
Xi Fangping ha ha a smile: "Azurite sand is the only mineral material that can be blended with topaz. This is recorded in detail in the ancient books of Hunyuan Sect. You know, the first batch of azure sand that flowed into Destroyer was brought by our predecessors of Hunyuan Sect. Just … This fusion method is a bit special. Later, I will brand it on a jade slip and give it to my senior brother, and ask him to help me. Hundreds of thousands of arrows made of topaz, I want to integrate all the arrows into heaven and sand. If I do it alone, I may not be able to finish it in a thousand years. However, with so much manpower under the senior brother, there should be no problem. Yin Wuji said cheerfully, "OK, no problem. My brother will give me Huang Yuzhu, and I will contact six sects in Jiyu to deploy people to ensure that this matter is done well."
"Thank you so much, brother." Xi Fangping stood up and bowed his hand to Yin Wuji. "Oh, yes. I came back this time. One more thing, I still owe 5 billion pieces of lingshi for the last batch of goods. Today, I brought all the lingshi, and I will give it to you later, and I will ask you to spend a lot of time distributing it among the seven schools. "
Yin Wuji opened his eyes wide: "Brother, it’s impossible. It only took five years, and you raised five billion lingshi. Are there lingshi everywhere on the Cape Star?"
"This is not true." Xi Fangping’s face smiled: "Because there are many monks on the Cape Star, Lingshi is a rare thing and more valuable than the one that destroyed the magic star. It’s just that I fought on the Pleiades for five years. Destroy the five most powerful sects there and take all the assets of these five sects as your own. This is some possessions that people have accumulated for tens of thousands of years. It always adds up to a frightening amount. Plus the mat-keeping firm I founded. Business is extremely good. It is not difficult to earn billions of lingshi a year. To tell you the truth, other disciples. My net worth always adds up, and now it is estimated that there are tens of billions of lingshi. Take out these five billion pieces, which means it. "

Chapter two hundred and twelve HuiQing through (in)
The friar looked at each other in Yuan’s infancy. There was no sound. Want to be a magnet. It took so much effort and cost so much, and with the help of Xi Fangping, it occupied the largest Lingshi mine on the magic star, but the annual income is only 3.5 billion pieces of Lingshi, and it has to be shared by seven factions. Even if they reflect on the moon palace, they can get tens of millions of Lingshi a year, which is quite good. But what about Xi Fangping? There are billions of lingshi in a year’s income. You can casually take out tens of billions of pieces of lingshi, and you buy things for millions. The gap between this monk and the monk is so big.
Xi Fangping was also very emotional in his heart. When he first made his debut, it took him several years to get herbs worth more than a dozen lingshi, and he was already very happy. But now, a hundred lingshi fell to the ground, and he didn’t bother to pick it up. Hundreds of years, for him, is just a flick of a finger, but the situation has changed so much that when he left Hunyuan Sect, he could never have imagined it.
Xi Fangping looked at the silent people and chuckled: "Brother Wuji, didn’t you say you had good news to tell me? Now I’ve told the whole story. Can you tell me now? "
Yin Wuji laughed, and so did the monks present. Some people also showed strange feelings on their faces, which made Xi Fangping quite puzzled: "Brother, don’t be a suspense?"
"Well, I won’t keep your appetite, Brother Xi." Yin Wuji stood up with a bright smile: "Brother Xi. You have to sit tight, I tell you. Teacher Hui Qing has gone through the customs. "
"What?" Xi Fangping stood up at once: "Impossible. Didn’t Teacher Yuantong say last time that it would take her decades to go through the customs?"