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Alarm bells rang loudly in airports and ports, and imperial personnel quickly armed themselves. Chaduc, who received the warning, was so angry that he came back from the UN General Assembly during the day. No matter how Milan comforted him, his mood did not improve. Great, someone knocked at the door. ",I’ll see if the guy who ate the guts of Xiong Xin leopard dares to make trouble?"

He flew out in a blink, and Milan immediately sent the warning to the imperial security department and the management of Tianxin Group. Jiwuyuan is in the Taklimakan desert, and Tianxin is busy in the special training boundary of Star Wars.
Jiwu’s response to the warning was to laugh. I really don’t commit crimes, but people will attack me. It’s good. His hands, feet and whole body have long been itchy, and he has been looking forward to playing with a real knife like Chaduc’s outbursts over the North American continent. As a heavenly heart, it smiled faintly, and God stretched out his knowledge, and instantly turned around the maritime entertainment empire. As soon as the smile on his face gathered, "black heart, the Heart of Killing" started, and a cold and dark atmosphere of war hung over the maritime entertainment empire like lightning and thunder.
"The boss is angry, and something terrible must have happened?" When Ji Wushang was teleporting, he felt this cold and murderous look, and he couldn’t help sighing, "There is no play this time!"
Before the words fell, I heard a voice in the sea, "Jiwu, you go and pack up the ships at sea and keep the ships for me."
"Yes, boss," said Jiwu Daxie. From a distance, he saw Chaduc playing flying games with the invading helicopters and military planes.
Mountain One, Black Bull and Red Fox are enjoying themselves, when a cold breath covers them, and a Chinese sentence that they don’t understand is heard thunderously in their ears. "If you don’t go in heaven, there is no way to hell." Then the three men couldn’t stand any longer, as if someone had grabbed them and rose into the air. The three men were horrified and looked down, and they were terrified. At this moment, they arrived at Jiwu and killed them. After the gale, the lotus flower spurted and the naval gun became dumb. The three men looked at the air again, and their hearts were shocked. "When did this madman come back?"
Chaduc, holding his breath, naturally won’t be polite. He dodged left and right, and punched again. I saw clouds of sparks rising in the air, gradually falling into the sea, and a circle came down. Just now, the sky was as refreshing as a crow’s coping, leaving only two military helicopter gunships and three military fighters hovering in the air.
In the entertainment empire, Masamiya Xianger, with most of the yakuza troops and the Black Dragon Party killers, rushed to the port one after another. This time, it was not so lucky. Imperial security personnel were waiting there, with laser guns, laser cannons and black armor covering the target. From a distance, they looked like biochemical soldiers. The murderous war scared the gangsters to paralysis on the spot.
"Kill me, no matter what," a command came from the mouth of the foremost security commander.
The laser beam flashed dazzling light, Guanghua flashed, and the burnt smell began to diffuse. In the gang, power fighters and members of the Black Dragon Party rushed over, but under the impact of laser gun beams, they often rushed to the front of security fighters and fell down, reduced to ashes in screams. Masamiya looked at all this dumbfounded, looking sad, and then looking at the gang, some of them were scared out of shit, their bladders burst, and they died in pain before they were hit; Some fled, but there was an opportunity, and more black armor soldiers were waiting behind. "That’s all," he sighed, pulled out his dagger, headed for Japan, and committed suicide by cutting his abdomen.
The scene of this massacre, Chrysanthemum Party Yamaguchi I, Mafia Black Bull and Blood Party Blood Fox can’t help but see clearly. The three people are heartbroken, but it happened that their hearts are normal and their pulse conditions are normal. A force protected them well, and several people’s qi and blood never came normally at this moment. This kind of conflict that the body is normal but the brain is scared to death makes several people feel that the headache is so terrible.
One night, just like that. In the entertainment empire, the gangs and hostages in the south, west and east dragon areas have been separated unconsciously by the enchantment cast by Tianxin.
In Nanlong District, when the sky dawned, I still didn’t see the palace turning around. The left-behind gang and members of the Black Dragon Party knew that something was wrong, and they were very angry. A few even wanted to start work on the hostages, holding the psychology of killing one and counting one, and they went to the front with bad blood, but they came back sore all over. The more they rushed, the stronger they played, and they tried several times. Instead of rushing in, they were hurt all over. At this time, the other gangs felt wrong and tried to escape, but they were bounced back when they touched the door. The hostages cried their heads off first, and then found the bandits running around the house inexplicably.
In Xilong District, after taking a nap and stretching his limbs, Bailushi began to get anxious and asked, "Has the younger brother sent out to inquire about the news come back?"
"Second leader, no," a confidant came forward and replied.
"Send again, …, what’s the matter?" Nothing happened for a long time, so he started a fire and drank heavily.
"Second leader, we can’t get out, and we can’t get close to the hostages," the voice just now has been crying.
"What?" Bai Lushi’s mood is like an earthquake, and his cold sweat drips like a sponge. After several attempts, as my confidant brother said, he bounces back when he meets the door, and he can’t escape, and the hostages can’t get it. Obviously, it’s just around the corner, but he can’t reach out. I can’t help but feel sad and lose my face.
In Donglong District, after scalper and Jindal were satisfied in the middle of the night, they looked at each other in despair after discovering that the situation was abnormal. "It’s over, it’s over. I beat the old man so badly this time. I wonder how that chick will torture us."
In Zhonglong District, Ms. Rigrui, the Secretary of State who had a good night’s sleep, really felt the strangeness of the maritime entertainment empire. Her spirit and energy have never been so full as now, and she feels like she is 10 years younger.
"Elder sister, did you sleep well?" Greetings from Milan came from behind.
"Good, Sister Milan, the air here is really good." She suddenly found that Milan’s eyes were bloodshot and could not help but hold Milan’s hand. "Sister, what happened? Why didn’t you sleep? "
"Alas, elder sister, the maritime entertainment empire provoked whoever it recruited. Last night, several international gangs came to make trouble, and they couldn’t help but take a large number of hostages and sent planes and warships to attack airports and ports." Milan complained to herself.
"What? Sister Milan, what is going on! " A strange feeling rose in the secretary of state’s heart, and she sighed in her heart, full of twists and turns, and the mediation was going to die.
"Elder sister, don’t worry, those gangsters were also scored by the eldest brother Sha and the imperial security department last night. The invading aircraft and warships are now all lying in the sea to cool down! If you are interested, I will take you to the trial site to see how people become judges, which I have never seen before! "
Rigrui was speechless, and Milan asked her not to worry, as if she were from the sea entertainment empire. Will she be worried? No, it’s just that Milan’s considerate personality touched her. Judging from Milan, it should be born this way.
After breakfast, they came to Xilong District Square. The huge square was already a sea of people. When they arrived at the center of the square under the guidance of security guards, they found that everything was in order, the rescued hostages were on one side, and the criminals were on the other. The Secretary of State also paid special attention to the fact that several people dressed in black armor must be the security guards referred to in Milan’s mouth, but the row of men in black who showed their chests didn’t know who they were.
At this time, a black armor security guard found out the white man from the gang and shouted to the square, "Anyone has the right to live in the sea entertainment empire, and anyone has the right to protect himself. However, no one has infringed on the rights of others. According to the management rules of the maritime entertainment empire, anyone who has been infringed on his life rights is eligible to be a judge once, and deal with those who have infringed on himself within 1 to 10 times. If you are not clear about the scope of treatment, you can ask the security personnel of Black Armor. Bark, who did this guy infringe on? Ask the victim to step out. "
After treatment, Lu Donglin couldn’t hold back his hatred and immediately stood up. "It’s me, that bastard violated me, and I almost died with hatred."
"Ok, please come to the center of the square." The black armor security guard took out the brain wave detector and took a photo on the white road. The white road only felt dizzy and began to recall the bad things he had done one by one. Russian-leaning, black armor security personnel laughed strangely, "It was you who made the’ Chen Fei Brand’ trademark case that shocked the world!"
The Secretary of State was even more surprised. On the screen set up next to the square, the crimes committed by Bailu were printed one by one. In the United States, rape, murder, arson, money laundering and drug trafficking were all outrageous. Look at the sea entertainment empire. There are only two. One is the purpose of cybersquatting and cybersquatting; Second, last night, people broke into houses and beat up the victims. Finally, his identity, the second leader of the international gangster Red Hand Party. The United States should pay the price for such a guy’s family. She felt sick and calmly listened to the conversation between the black armor security guards and Lu Donglin.
"Excuse me, sir, what is my range?" Lu Donglin asked.
"Your economic dispute case has been entrusted to the imperial business management department, so don’t bring that part of hatred into it. However, to the extent that this guy almost beat you to death, how do you deal with him is within 10 times. " The security guard replied. "Do you want to enforce the law personally or entrust law enforcement?"
"personally enforce the law, I, Lu Donglin, will never let this scum hurt myself again."
Lu Donglin picked up the long knife on the case table and went to Bai Lushi, whose face was pale. The knife fell, Bai Lushi screamed and his right arm fell to the ground. Another knife, the left arm falls; Another knife, the right foot fell from the thigh, another knife, and the left leg was empty. Bai Luzhi fell to the ground, and his mouth groaned miserably. Before the groan was over, the knife flashed, and a knife went straight through the back from the front brain.
Lu Donglin let go without saying a word. He knelt down to the black armor warrior and knocked five songs. Tears welled up in his eyes, and he broke down in tears. "After the empire, if necessary, Lu Donglin took pains to die," he said, and left long.
Ms. Rigrui was shocked, her tongue knotted, and she tightened for a while, holding Milan and muttering, "It’s too bloody, it’s too much. You don’t have a saying in the East that killing people is not enough, why should you be so cruel?"
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"Elder sister, this is not cruel. At the beginning of the establishment of the maritime entertainment empire, the chairman said that the human heart is a very strange thing, which changes with the situation, and it is full of hostility, anger, murderous look, dead breath, anger and righteousness between heaven and earth. These invisible but sensible gases will be very dangerous if they are not neutralized. Therefore, it is necessary to stop killing and answer blows with blows. In other words, blood debts should be paid with blood. "
"But this can’t be messed up. All criminal acts should be carried out by state legal institutions, and individuals can’t lynch." Gregory doesn’t understand what Milan said about anger. In her eyes, law enforcement is a matter of the state machine.
"Elder sister, you are so stupid. As soon as the chairman said, I understood Let me give you an analogy. Like Bai Luzhi, who was just executed, you also saw his crimes. Actually, there is a model that tortured a person for 10 days before he died. What crime did that person commit, nothing, just because he didn’t want to give up his beautiful girlfriend. You said, if the American legal institutions catch him, what will they sentence him to? The victim is dead? "
"This, …"
"You needless to say, I know, first of all, is to sue, then ask a lawyer, then defense, jury, the final result is nothing more than two, acquitted or in prison, if it is the death penalty, maybe euthanasia. According to the chairman, such a practice is relative to the deceased, and the legal machine of the whole country is committing crimes. "
"Legal machine crime?"
"Yes, elder sister, you are the man’s relative, and your relative is so tragic. Do you hate it? Do you hate it if you don’t peel its skin and crush its bones to vent your hatred in your heart? However, you have to bite the bullet and appeal first, and it takes a lot of money and effort to hire a lawyer. Even if all goes well, you should be euthanized in an easy chair. Are you convinced? Can you solve the pain in your heart? This is still more in line with your wishes. Usually, more often than not, the evidence is insufficient or the opposing lawyer exploited a loophole in the law, resulting in the acquittal of the criminal. It doesn’t matter if you are angry, but the atmosphere of heaven and earth is full of resentment and the death of your loved ones. In this case, either you throw everything away and kill your enemies; Or despair and give up on yourself. The former, no matter what the situation, the law will inexplicably sentence you to murder; The latter, under the gray mood, is a more evil resentment. If this goes on for a long time, how can the world not be bad and how can the social atmosphere improve? "
"Uh …,"
"Therefore, Lu Donglin will slay Bailu with five knives, because he doesn’t want this wicked person to be severely punished, and he doesn’t want this wicked person to live in the world and let himself or his relatives experience that nightmare."
"Er …," Ms. Rigrui still felt unacceptable, thought for a moment, and retorted, "Aren’t you worried about misjudgment or false accusation without trial?
"Hee hee, elder sister, there will be no misjudgment under the brain wave detector of the latest scientific and technological crimes in the empire;" Milan smiled proudly. "As for the false accusation, if the brain wave detector can’t find out the defendant’s crime and what the false accuser falsely accuses, he will bear what and become the defendant."
"Brain wave detector is so good, why didn’t you see it on the international market? Are you afraid that someone will crack it? " Not content, Rigrui thought about it and retorted, "What if the person who holds the brain wave detector is bending the law?"
"The crime brainwave detector is not sold, but it is not afraid of being studied, but the organization or country that buys it must meet one condition, that is, the law enforcement power is attributed to the individual." Milan had to say, "it is even more impossible to bend the law, because the defendant has a right, that is, if he feels that the detected crime is inconsistent with his memory, he can appeal." This kind of complaint can reach 10 levels, and each level is higher than the next. If there is any deviation in the higher level test, the brain wave detector will be checked first, and the detector is correct, which will be very miserable for those who bend the law; If the inspection is consistent, the defendant’s crimes will be doubled, which is not what he can afford. "
"Elder sister, I won’t talk about it. It’s time-consuming and labor-consuming to promote Imperial TV, Internet and newspapers at sea. You don’t even know about it, let alone others?" Milan is full of gas. Because she always thinks she is the most stupid in the group, even she understands it, and others can’t understand it, but the fact is not. Are they all dumber than her?
"Don’t be angry, don’t be angry. Last question, won’t such a strict punishment make the relationship between people worse?" Milan’s unintentional flattery made Secretary of State Xiao Xi, who calculated and questioned.
"Elder sister, you are really stupid!" Milan was in a good mood. "This is a real human right. No one will waste it. Those who waste it will be committed in the hands of others sooner or later. Therefore, the chairman said that under the people’s judge system, there will be no intergenerational enmity. Hey, big sister, you will know when you look at the scene. "
Rigrui is a caring person. She talks with Milan and asks questions. While looking at the handling of gangsters in the square, there were only two cases of Bailushi, both of which were guilty of no less evil deeds than Bailushi and died in a unique way. One of them had his head broken, while the other was beaten to death by the entrusted topless law enforcer in black with a maximum penalty of 10 times. Others, either beaten by the injured party, or apologized to the victim, but nothing happened and were released on the spot. However, all of them were frightened by the death of Bai Lushi and others. Looking at their pale faces and covered lips, she might be sure that these people would not dare to make trouble in the entertainment empire again if they borrowed a few more courage.
Because of this, she is even more worried about how many big countries she has experienced and how many difficulties she has experienced, but it is the first time for her to do things with such clear principles and strange angles. Milan’s words made her understand one thing. This country, which is not a country, will never give in in principle. And the reason why she can talk to Milan as sisters is not because of her status as Secretary of State, but because Milan is such a passionate little woman. In the eyes of this little woman, maybe the king or president is coming, and so is she. The maritime entertainment empire, as she said, even if the king or president infringes on the fundamental rights and interests of ordinary people, the outcome will not be good, and if the circumstances are bad, it will also lead to fatal disaster.
It’s time to leave for home. So what if you meet the top management?
In Donglong District, scalpers and Jinduoer are like sandbags, tottering under Minlan’s small fist. The little girl usually lives in school, and only comes back to help grandpa during the day and afternoon after school to the evening. This morning, I received a phone call and came back to see that my grandfather was black and blue. The little girl was almost not crazy and didn’t bite the silver teeth. From the beginning of the punishment, her fist was like the wind, and she has been playing until now. Cattle and Jindal started screaming in pain, but now they can’t even scream.
In the entertainment empire building in Zhonglong District, Tianxin put down Yamaguchi-ichi, the black cow and the blood fox, and the gods penetrated into their minds. They flashed back and looked at the three people who were driven out of their minds, and the killing heart and black heart’s breath were taken back. The evil smile said: "The emperor’s words, the emperor’s words, finally there are big fish online!"