27, May 2024
Huo Junzhong sighed lightly. He has done his best in this matter. He can help Dr. Li deal with spectre, but the law helps Dr. Li deal with the law. From this perspective, no matter how fierce the spectre is, it is not worth a pair of people living in this society. jǐng is a hundred times more horrible than evil spirits.

Huo Junzhojīng found an iron brazing rod, which will be broken by the ice around the frozen iron cover, and come down the stairs to eat the two ghosts. Although the wound is still there, the cat looks more J and ng than when it comes, and its eyes are deeper, and it looks like a monster.
Huo Junzhong picked up the cat with a wry smile and said, "Thank you, Mr. Cat. I’ll take you home first, and I’ll take you to see your master one day."
Huo Junzhong brought this cat, the biggest purpose is to force the spectre out. Although he knew that the spectre would definitely come back here to recover after being injured, it was extremely difficult to have this cat in such a big building, so he could force the spectre out. As he thought, the silver-gray cat not only helped him find the spectre, but also hurt him, so that the spectre attacked the cat first and gave Huo Junzhong a chance to break the spectre’s two ghosts into arms. If there was no cat at that time, the spectre suddenly came from behind.
But this cat also gained a lot this time. The two ghosts were isolated from the world of mortals by magic. After refining, they were manic and escaped by Huo Junzhong’s flying sword cutting method, which made it eat them safely. It was enough to practice for two years, and it was strange that the cat J: ng was full of energy and forgot his body pain.
The finishing touches are naturally done by Zhao Xueping. Huo Junzhong takes a taxi and goes home directly. At this time, it is already late at night, but the light in the living room is still on. Lu Qinglan is sitting on the sofa and leaning on one side, taking a nap, waiting for Huo Junzhong to return.
Huo Junzhong was running Dan, and his pale face turned ruddy. He patted Qinglan: "Qinglan, I didn’t say, don’t wait for me, go back to rest when you are sleepy."
Qinglan woke up, a little shy and said, "Sorry, I fell asleep. I’m cooking soup in the kitchen, so I’ll heat it up for you to make a snack."
Huo Junzhong refused to this kind of mentality of Qinglan, and he really needed to add a little nod. Qinglan happily brought Huo Junzhong lotus pork tripe soup and watched Huo Junzhong drink three bowls, which made her very happy and then Huo Junzhong brought a change of clothes. After Huo Junzhong finished washing, he changed his pajamas and went back to his room to rest. Lu Qinglan packed up his kitchen and went back to sleep.
Back to his room, Huo Junzhong stopped hiding, his face turned gray when he brushed it, and his body trembled a little. It was a great test for Huo Junzhong to sit cross-legged tonight, which made Dan Qi create a barrier to protect him and make the flying sword meet them. Finally, it was a stroke of genius to turn the flying sword into āo, but in this way, which one was not strong for him was a great test. Dan Tao entered the innate state, and Dan Hua Yu liquid went three yang three times. Re-transforming the vitality into the physical body can make the best use of Dan’s magical power. But now Huo Junzhong’s foundation is unstable and he has not entered the innate realm. Dan’s vitality is directly in the physical body without the integration of the mud pill palace and the body and soul, and the roots can play Dan’s magical power.
After barely making Dan gas create a wall, he was attacked by the shadow ghost twice, which was even more equal to being directly attacked by Zhen Yuan. If he had been late at that time, he would have been attacked by the shadow ghost for the third time, and Huo Junzhong would definitely not come back today.
But although the loss is huge, Huo Junzhong gets more.
He opened his mouth slightly, and a green gas spurted around his side, like a dragon god. Around him, the moonlight slowly turned and fell on this green gas, which actually condensed into a layer of light white fog, which was slowly inhaled into the nasal cavity by Huo Junzhong.
The more green gas is sprayed, the more hoarfrost there is. Huo Junzhong’s breathing is getting longer and longer. In the end, his whole person is like being shrouded in a layer of green light.
When he dispersed the green light, the Se had already recovered to seven points. Huo Jun smiled, and said to himself, "The ghost fire went into the Dan Ding, and Y and N refined the sun, so it really showed." The shadow ghost attacked twice, because Huo Jun’s barrier defense was to force the Dan fire to condense in vitro to defend, and the shadow ghost collided, naturally infiltrating the unique ghost Y and N fire into Huo Jun’s Dan fire.
Huo Junzhong’s practice of Dan is to spit into the abdomen, and he wants to be a dragon and a tiger, and his heart is like a baby. Although it is a reconciliation of Y and N yang, it is after all the Yang fire that dominates today’s World War I, which makes him infiltrate the ghost Y and N fire in the match, and even directly induces the monthly J and NG Hua of Dan gas, creating a monthly flow of cream.
Ri Yang, the month y and n Huo Jun lives in the sun, inhaling the monthly frost, which means that y and n enter the sun into fire and water, and the cultivation of Dan is nourished, which makes his Dan method grow greatly. This is a blessing in disguise, and there will be a blessing in disguise.
The yogi is most afraid of doom all his life, but he also likes it best. Doom is like a mouth. If he can pass it, he will have the opportunity to break through the original height and be promoted to a new realm.
Among the doom, there is a intentional robbery, and there is a life robbery. Of course, the most terrible is the apocalypse.
Like Huo Junzhong’s involvement in his personnel tonight, he almost died, which means that life is robbed, and life is robbed. Any yogi who conflicts with others in the world of mortals belongs to life.
Although the loss of life can’t be recovered overnight, Dan feels that he has grown up in a circle. When he was in the middle of the abdomen, he also became clear. Huo Junzhong successfully broke through the first level and entered the second level.
Huo Junzhong has some regrets. His ghost Y and N fire came from the attack of the shadow ghost, and it infiltrated into the ghost power. He practiced all night, and it was exhausted. If he can catch the shadow ghost and bring it into the Dantian Ding, he will refine it with fire. That is enough to blame it for ten years of cultivation skill. In the past, practitioners often traveled all over Qian Shan, killing monsters and monsters, killing demons and removing the destiny of our generation. The root is that looting can encourage cultivation materials and monsters will attack those who have just cultivated successfully and failed to get a collar. The same is true for practitioners.
Huo Junzhong suddenly thought of Journey to the West saying that eating Tang monk’s meat can make you live forever. Is this what the prototype wrote?
After class the next day, Huo Junzhong slipped out of school at noon and went to the silver-gray cat. When he came to Sunshine Hospital with it, pets were not allowed to enter. Huo Junzhong could not enter through the main entrance. He took the silver-gray cat to the back of the building and pointed to a window on the third floor: "Cat Daoyou, your master is there, can you go?"
The cat disdained to look at him, jumped into his arms, came to a big tree in a few steps, climbed to the crown of the tree, and went to the window in the diving tube like acrobatics, but the window was closed. The cat entered by law and could meow.
Huo Junzhong entered from the front door and came to the ward. This ward has a hospital bed where the cat owner is located. It is a vip ward. It seems that the cat owner has a high status and is very rich, so he can afford the price of this ward. However, it is not surprising that the villa is at least 10 million in this magic capital. Although it is like a pigsty, it does not affect the family living in that room.
The owner of the cat was still asleep with nutrient solution, but he learned from the nurse that he had woken up and the critical period had passed.
When Huo Junzhong hit the window, the cat jumped in, jumped into the bedside cupboard, and stared at his master with a low voice and a rare pair of eyes. He was full of worry and such eyes. If a cat lover saw it, he would be very moved. Cats were generally afraid of water, but when Huo Junzhong went to pick it up, the cat was cleaner than others. He soaked himself in almost boiling water, so that there was definitely no bacteria in his body. He also took a hair dryer to blow dry his hair.
After eating two refining ghosts last night, the cat’s intelligence improved significantly. Huo Junzhong found that everything he said was white and more and more like a cat demon.
"Cat friend, it is a blessing to raise you." Huo Junzhong is not flattering, but sincerely admiring.
Not many people can understand this cat’s attitude towards its owner.
The owner of the cat blinked and woke up to see the cat next to him. He was a little surprised: "Rongrong, why are you here?"
This name makes Huo Junzhong scratch his head a little. It should be normal for a female cat to call it this name. However, it is quite strange for a cat demon to call it fluffy.
The cat jumped lightly to the bed, being careful not to step on its owner, licking its cheek with its tongue.
The cat owner chuckled, and then he saw Huo Junzhong "Are you …"
Huo Junzhong lied: "I was passing by, and I just saw it outside the window. I seemed to want to come in, so I came in to help it open the window and let it in. Sir, is this your cat?" Really smart, where did you buy it? I also want a pet that is so smart. "Although lying is not something that practitioners should do, lying is a part of life. The so-called liar will be very annoying and difficult to live in this society.
"Thank you" when the cat owner smiled, he was quite beautiful and elegant. After several days of treatment, he was much better off. He looked as ugly as a dead man that night. Now it seems that the cat owner is young, about twenty-three years old, with delicate appearance, small facial features and fair skin. If he wears makeup, I’m afraid no one can tell him apart.
Huo Junzhong sat down and chatted with the cat owner. The cat owner was alert to him, perhaps because he was lonely for a long time, and talked about his own affairs.
Cat owners have a rare compound surname, Dongfang, and Shan Mingqian. According to him, they are descendants of Dong Fangshuo, a famous wise man when Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty. But when he was five years old, his parents divorced, and he always had conflicts with his family, so he was driven out of the family in his teens. His mother left his inheritance to Dongfang Qian, so Dongfang Qian was driven out by his family, but he was worried about his life.
This is called a fluffy cat. After being beaten up three years ago, he saw on the road that he was still a kitten and was abandoned. He was tortured by a group of children and was dying. Dongfang Qian felt that it was very similar to himself and was abandoned, so he took it home and asked the veterinarian to cure it.
From his words, Huo Junzhojīng or Fa Bai, this cat has a large population if it learns to practice in the city, and the lack of aura naturally makes the cat evolution demon j and ng possible.
After chatting for a while, I saw Dongfang Qian was a little tired. Huo Junzhong took leave of Dongfang Qian and held his hand. I hope Huo Junzhong can come to see him more often. Huo Junzhong promised happily. Although this man almost died of an overdose, it seems that people are not bad. He has a cold jade in his home, and there can be a cat demon like velvet. If he has more contact with him, maybe he can find the reason.
If cats can learn to practice, finding the reason may benefit Huo Junzhong from his own practice.
After all, the time spent teaching Huo Junzhong is too short. Many things in Huo Junzhong can find their own ways to improve. Zhu Youneng has high mana and is far better than Xu Daozhong, but this person’s foundation of Taoism is different from that of Huo Junzhong, and he is covered in evil spirits. Huo Junzhong is not at ease with him, and he can even say that he hates it. Similarly, Zhu Youneng will not have a good impression on Huo Junzhong, and he will not really teach what he has learned to Huo Junzhong.
In the final analysis, Huo Junzhong must find ways to accelerate his growth.