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Chapter 29 Good things have to be eaten quickly

After seeing off the white-eyed husband, Wang Ding handed the copy of the Nine Ghosts and Ghosts to Bai Meng from the backyard and asked, "What do you want with this?"
"You don’t understand. In fact, the materials of the Nine Ghosts’ Magic Ding are not very good. I have been studying those materials for two years. I guess they are also copied by later generations. As long as I have the" Nine Ghosts’ Magic Records "and find some materials from the store now, I can make a nine ghosts’ magic Ding myself. If I can use the materials of the Nine Ghosts’ Magic Ding better, it will definitely be better than the one I just sold!"
Bai Meng, hey, hey, smile, hope for the stars and hope for the moon. He finally got the "Nine Ghosts and Demons" and made a few extra good things. It’s really beneficial to fix the truth while doing business. It’s a magic trick. It’s really someone who uses the door and gives you whatever you lack.
Wang Ding asked Bai Meng a little uneasily: "But what should I do with Ziyun and Qingyun? This stuff is really hard to sell. The Shushan Sect will definitely make me look at this material. That’s really good. Look, this Ziyun pure Taibai Zijin and Qingyun pure Taibai cyan gold. It’s really hard to find!"
Bai Meng put down the Nine Ghosts’ Tales in his hand and carefully looked at Ziyun Sword and Qingyun Sword: "Don’t sell this thing. I will break them with Gankun Five Elements in a while and recover the materials. It’s easy to get into trouble if you sell this material for 200 million yuan!"
He put the white jade in his hand and couldn’t help staring at the jade girl for a moment. He immediately felt that the lower body was slippery and was shocked. He quickly put it on the table and stopped it with a seal. He asked Wang Ding, "Fat man, what do you think of this white jade? I’m going to keep it for myself!"
Wang Ding was shocked and then calmed down and smiled: "You are the evil spirit of nine yin. As long as you understand the method, you will naturally not be invaded by this magic thing. It’s just that this thing is really bad and easy to be hated. You’d better use it with caution!"
Bai Meng nodded slightly to put away the white jade and continue to read the Nine Ghosts’ Magic Ding. It turns out that the Nine Ghosts’ Magic Ding has two magical powers, namely, attracting ghosts and refining ghosts. In the tripod, there is a miniature refining of the underworld, which can leave a ghost king, eight ghost kings and thirty-two ghosts and sixty thousand ghost soldiers.
In this tripod, the ghost king governs this small underworld on behalf of the demon Lord.
The degree of cultivation of ghosts is not as good as that of people. slow three’s 100-year-old cultivation is to seal the king for 3,000 years, to seal the king for 9,000 years, to seal the emperor, but he can’t get the right result. He can only fly into immortality and become a demon in the ghost world.
Seeing here, Bai Meng couldn’t help but gasp. This magic weapon of magic is really not to be underestimated. Although it is said to be the best of Zhengyang magic weapon, there are also many places with great magical powers, but this magic tripod of nine ghosts and gods is really not lost. I really want to refine one anyway.
But not all the magic tripods of the Nine Ghosts and Gods can raise ghosts. This tripod is divided into six grades according to different materials. What I originally got was a second-class product. Although the material was not so good, it was a magic master, and it was also refined by the founder of the Seven Evil Men. The evil fire of the Nine Ghosts can raise nine ghost kings, 32 ghost generals and 3,000 ghost soldiers.
The most important main material for refining the magic tripod of the Nine Ghosts and Ghosts is the genuine material of Jiuyin, which can be wood or iron and copper. Jiuyin to Shaqingjin is the best material, and there is a special material called Xuan Han Jing Tie, which is not easy to get, but it doesn’t seem to be necessary, but it can improve the efficacy.
Bai Meng’s heart is full of joy, but it’s just Taibai Green Gold, not Jiuyin to Shaqing Gold, but it can also be refined. As long as you can use the Jiuyin Xuan Fire and use your own blood as the medium, you can completely refine Jiuyin to Shaqing Gold, which is just a legendary thing.
As long as nine Yin Xuan fire can be refined, his mind method of Yin and Yang Sect has his unique features. If you practice Nine Yin Mysterious Decision successfully, you can refine nine Yin Xuan fire, which will break through the realm of refining qi and returning to god. You can avoid the broken Dan of Taoism and practice Nine Yang Mysterious Decision directly. If you refine nine Yang Xuan fire, you will break through the realm of refining god and returning to emptiness, and then step into the realm of cultivating immortals and practice the Infinite Decision of Yin and Yang directly.
Unfortunately, after all, you have to find your own way out after taking the shortcut Mahayana.
Back to the White Garden, no matter how the ancient books of Yin and Yang Sect say, directly let the scattered people take the golden light and prepare to eat it all at once, so as to break through the realm of refining gas and returning to God first.
Damn it, Lao Zi is now only equivalent to Taoist practice of fixing the truth, opening the light, merging, avoiding the valley, then, Yuan Ying, out-of-body experience, distraction, fit, Du Jie and Mahayana. The middle stage of then is really hopeless. Wouldn’t it be useless if you met an expert?
The scattered man looked lazy and brought out the jade basin: "Something happened today. There is no golden light on this meat cheese … but I don’t know what it is with a golden bead!"
In that jade basin, there is only a layer of extremely weak golden light on the 3,600-year-old meat cheese, but there is a golden bead flying around the jade basin like a golden fly, which is very annoying.
Ah, oh, it’s too late. This meat cheese finally bears a baby.
What? Even he’s out of Yuan Ying, and Lao Zi is in the middle of the golden elixir.
What is this? I must have kept using the Yin-Yang and Five-Element Gathering Array to make the aura of heaven and earth in Lingbao Xiandian too heavy, so that this meat cheese broke through from then to Yuanying in such a short time.
It’s strange that the golden beads suddenly flew past at the sight of Bai Meng and turned into a girl of thirteen or fourteen in a burst of golden light … It’s really watery, but the education is not perfect yet, but it’s all there. It’s just that the ethereal body is like a water curtain movie, so I can’t see it clearly.
The girl bowed down and said, "I want to meet the master!" "
Click Bai Meng’s heart is going to be broken. What is this? My dream of breaking through the golden elixir period is shattered. There is also a guy who wants to worship himself as a teacher in his infancy … Irony, great irony!
Such a lovely person calls himself a master. That’s not a fantasy …!
Bai Meng’s face turned black and pointed to Sanren: "I think you should worship her as a teacher. She is my … I am also the patriarch of this Sanren. Although there are only two of us in this Yin and Yang Sect, I will suffer some losses. You can count me as a teacher elder sister, and you are not much older than me!"
The relationship between the two of them has always been so mysterious. Speaking of Bai Meng, he was raised by scattered people, but there is not much difference in age. For so many years, there are some things to say in this white garden. It’s amazing that only she knows whether her life experience is Bai Meng’s sister-in-law or sister or nothing. It’s really only she knows that she never talks about these Bai Meng simply plays dumb and arranges a teacher and sister treasure for her.

Chapter 30 Make yourself a jade girl
The parting person gave a sound of "Ah", which sounded like a very surprised but lazy bad smile: "Then I’ll be the position of the senior sister. It’s a pity that I became this … senior sister for no reason!"
On the contrary, the young girl was clever and immediately bowed to Violet, but instead of serving tea and offering water according to the etiquette, she bowed to Baimeng again: "Uncle Head, I need you to help me get the body of Yuan God 300 years ahead of schedule with the help of gathering spirits, but now I can’t change my human form because of too much damage, but I beg Uncle Head to give me the body of Dragon Tortoise, and I can only take the dragon essence in it and turn it into a dragon girl!"
Bai Meng smiled in his heart. It turned out that he ate a lot of her meat and owed debts, so he had to agree. Anyway, this dragon turtle was such a use. He had expected it to help him fight and kill people. He never thought that it was a body double life … speechless!
When the girl saw Bai Meng nodding in agreement, she turned into a golden ball, and with a swish, she poured into the dragon turtle’s body. After more than half an hour, a humanoid avatar was separated from the turtle shell, and the dragon turtle itself was shrinking.
The two places at once are perfect, but the girl’s form has already appeared … Nonsense, it’s obvious that a pair of small steamed buns, not to mention the lower body …!
Bai Meng can see it carefully, and the scattered people only point to his constant smile. Bai Meng hey hey smiled and continued to turn to look.
After a few hours, the change of the body finally stopped, but I always felt that something was missing. The girl shouted in the white jade body, "Uncle Zhang helped me. I am really short of money!"
Bai Meng shook his head helplessly and waved and flew out of the seven swords to gather the aura between heaven and earth.
With the help of the aura of heaven and earth, the change of the county body suddenly accelerated, and the eyes were crystal clear and dark, showing that Wusi grew up quickly, and the delicate and charming jade face gradually became clear, and the cherry-like sweet lips were also rosy and rosy.
Now the pubic hair of the jade girl’s lower body has come out, and Bai Meng’s heart is beating like thunder, and she secretly sighs: I am really unkind as a martial uncle.
After a total of nine hours, the jade girl was finally fully formed, or the 14-year-old girl looked like a whole body with no soft clothes and jade-like muscles, which was exciting.
Seeing that the scattered people were asleep, Bai Meng stamped his foot and shouted, "Your apprentice has accomplished the first three tea who came out to drink the respect of others!"
Scattered people are lazy to the extreme, only with a snort of "well", but Bai Meng shook his head and had to take off his clothes first to give it to this little herself.
It’s a little embarrassing to keep her so naked.
The first tea is respectful to the sky, the second tea is respectful to the sky, and the third tea is for the scattered people. Bai Meng is the fourth tea for the owner to drink this little jade girl.
Originally, I was going to give a name to the scattered people, but Bai Meng knew that there was no chance when he looked at the scattered people’s sleepy appearance, so he had to think for a moment and see her as jade as snow, so he gave this little herself the title of Baiyuer as the Tianxue Fairy.
This jade girl is as glittering and translucent as jade, and even has three points of transparency. It’s really "white inside and red outside".
Bai Meng, the first second-generation disciple of Yin-Yang Sect who came to this world again, didn’t know how happy he was. The disappointment that he didn’t eat meat cheese for 3,000 years was swept away, and he immediately went back to the store to get the magic weapon of value and came back to give it to her.
This jade girl has dragon blood, unlike ordinary herbal ganoderma lucidum, which turns into a demon. She only has three souls and three spirits, and it is also three souls and seven spirits when she washes the dragon blood. She is no different from ordinary people and doesn’t touch anything. The fusion of earthly born baby and flesh is really promising, which makes Bai Mengzi jealous.
However, we should dare to give the best of this magic weapon. In addition to the matching of the middle products of two Yin and Yang celestial devices and the lower products of five elements celestial devices, we have specially chosen the top-grade Gankun ice needle of celestial devices, which is ever-changing. The most important thing is that the Yuan God in this needle is not strong. As long as she works hard, she can integrate into her Yuan God and master the myriad changes of this magic weapon.
Bai Yuer had a spiritual knowledge for many years in the Taixu Sect, and naturally she knew a lot about these magic weapons. She was so happy that she immediately held a jade basin filled with her own flesh and said, "Martial uncle, this meat cheese spirit has been with me for 3,600 years. Unfortunately, I don’t need the head teacher to enjoy it once!"
You’re welcome, Bai Meng. I wanted to eat even the Yuan God, but now only the flesh is left, but it’s better than nothing, so I went to the Lingbao Hall on the third floor with a jade basin.