30, Jun 2024
After Xu Qi created the website of the Soul Guild, he didn’t take it too seriously. After all, it was just created, and the concealment was too strong, so he thought it was impossible to receive a letter of recommendation for the job in the near future …

However, on the morning after the website of Soul Guild was created, Xu Qi received the first letter of recommendation in her email …
"Depend! You should add another one to the recruitment information, and all the self-recommendation letters should be used! Damn, it’s French? It’s ok to use English, but it’s French … "Xu Qi muttered disgruntled, downloaded a translation software on the Internet, and then translated the email with the translation software.
After all, this is the first self-recommendation, and I didn’t expect someone to recommend myself soon, which has to be said to be a surprise, so Xu Qi translated and interpreted it with extra tolerance and patience.
"Sarkozy-bruch, date of birth in more than 1400 years old! ?” Xu Qi exclaimed.
"This bastard want to fool me? If you dare to fool me, I’ll peel off your living soul and sink into the Santu River! " Xu Qi andao.
Xu Qi took out a book of life and death, and then began to find the information of Isaac bruch:
Name: Sack-bruch
Gender: male
Status: Blood Alien-Vampire
Merit value
Sin value
Special properties: soulless race, no reincarnation, directly turned into dust after death.
"Four hundred-year-old vampire …"
"Three, three hundred and sixty thousand! ?”
"What a high merit and sin. If only this guy had a soul. If he were sent to reincarnation, he would get a lot of merit … what a pity." Xu Qi sighed.
Xu Qi thought for a moment, and then replied an email to the vampire …
"Dear Mr. Sack-bruch, we have received your letter of recommendation. According to your conditions, you have reached the shortlist for priority admission, so you are exempted from the preliminary examination and directly enter the review stage. Please go to Dalian, China for review on November 2 nd. The specific location is Dalian, Liaoning Province, China at 8: 00 am. Please arrive on time, otherwise it will be considered as giving up."
Xu Qi’s mood suddenly got excited after the email, and of course there were some bumps. After all, he was still too young and inexperienced. He was a little nervous at the thought of playing the examiner to review his subordinates in five days …
"Depend, what am I nervous about? I will be the boss, he is an employee, and he is nervous! But it’s really nice to accept a foreigner as a soul hunter, haha! " Xu Qi laughed.
Xu Qi was rearranging the website when Su Linlin’s voice rang in the living room …
"Min Min, get up quickly, it will be late."
"Encai, come out of the toilet quickly, it’s too late!"
"Oh, dying, dying …"
There was a messy sound in the living room, presumably busy getting dressed for class …
"Three girl films get together, and nobody cares. I knew this would be the case. I don’t sleep at night and don’t get up in the morning …" Xu Qi said helplessly touching his forehead.
When Min Xu, Su Linlin and Jin Encai went out, Xu Qi quickly turned off the laptop, and then followed up. Today, he will go to class with Min Xu during the day. One is to protect Min Xu’s Ann, and the other is to feel the life of the university by the way. Xu Qi has never been to college, and even the door of the university has never been in. He is very envious of college students …
The three girls went downstairs to the parking lot, and then Min Xu drove to Haiyu University, while Xu Qi sat on the roof of the car …
The car under Xu Qi is a red Fit, which is not very expensive, but the price is not low for the general public. This car originally belonged to Xu Qi, because Xu Qi used to be inconvenient to move, so Xu Fu bought such a car, and also specially equipped Xu Qi with a driver, but now this car obviously belongs to Min Xu.
Xu Qi is confident about Min Xu’s driving skills. After all, she has been in contact with cars since she was a child, so she learned to drive very early. Min Xu used to clamor for her father to buy her a car, but it has never been recognized, so Min Xu often makes excuses to go out for a ride in his car.
Xu Qi’s home is very close to Haiyu University, so there is no need to drive there. However, everyone has a love of beauty, and the heart of comparison is even more prevalent. Now more and more students are driving to college, which has become a small society. Min Xu, a girl with a big temper, can’t walk when she sees others driving …
Ten minutes later, Min Xu drove into the Alocasia campus, and then parked in the parking lot in the backyard of the campus. Three girls opened the car door smartly, and after they entered the teaching, of course, they attracted countless eyes on the way.
After the three girls entered the teaching building, they separated. After all, their major was different. Xu Min studied business management. Because of Xu Qi’s death, Min Xu took over the family business, so Min Xu had to give up her favorite violin and study business management instead.
Su Linlin is a music department and studied violin. When Min Xu and Su Linlin met, it was because of the violin competition in the Children’s Palace that they learned that they were from the same school, so they became familiar with each other.
Jin Encai is an international student. She studied chemistry. Xu Qi doesn’t know much about chemistry. She doesn’t know much about the specific subjects of Jin Encai’s studies. She only knows that it is related to soil in a few words.
No matter what school, before class, the classroom must be noisy. Xu Qi followed Min Xu into the teaching classroom, and the whole classroom was a mess. When Min Xu entered the classroom, suddenly two big boys rushed over …
One wears glasses, and Alice is a tall man with dark skin …
"Min Min, I’ve saved your seat. Come here." Sven youth with glasses said.
"You go away, as far as your occupation is concerned, it’s almost behind the wall. How dare you show off, Min Xu, I’ll give you a seat in the first row!" The tall man with dark skin proudly said.
Min Xu glanced at the empty seats in the first row and nodded to the tall man with dark skin. "Thank you."
Min Xu arrived at Xie, and then sat down on the vacant seat, while the tall young man with dark skin raised his head to the sven youth, as if celebrating his victory, and then sat next to Min Xu with high ambition …
Xu Qi saw such a situation and shook her head helplessly. Min Xu is a standard beauty, with a height of 1.68 meters, slim figure and a beautiful face. Therefore, when she was a schoolgirl, she was still very convergent. However, in junior high school, there were students who fought because of her. Sometimes Xu Qi thought that Min Xu was the reincarnation of da ji. Now, when he saw such a scene, he was not surprised at all, only helpless …
Xu Qi thought that the young man with gentle eyes would leave in frustration after his failure, but it was only then that he was staring at him!
"hey! ?” Xu Qi’s eyes and eyes looked at each other.
Sven-eyed man slowly wanted to approach Xu Qi, and suddenly took off his eyes without trace. At this moment, Xu Qi saw extremely sharp eyes, and Sven-eyed man suddenly seemed to become a resolute soldier!
The young man slowly passed by Xu Qi again. Just as he passed by, he said softly, "Let’s talk on the roof!"
"…" Xu Qi looked at the "gentle" youth who left the classroom, and suddenly felt very interesting. He didn’t want to pursue his sister, but he was still a powerful role.
"Ha, it’s really interesting. I don’t know how difficult it is to find a psychic at ordinary times. I didn’t expect Min Min to be so capable that even such a powerful role should be chased after her. My lovely sister is really promising." Xu Qi said something like a joke, then left the classroom behind the young people, and then the two of them went to the top of the teaching building in tandem.
On the top of the school teaching building, Xu Qi and the young people looked at each other, but Xu Qi was pondering, while the young people’s expression was very cold …
A moment later, the young man obviously lost the patience to keep silent, and said in a cold voice, "No matter what your purpose is, leave Min Xu’s side at once!"
"oh? In what capacity do you say this? " Xu Qi touched his chin and said.
"No matter what my status is, but you have to understand your identity, although I don’t know how you are not afraid of the sun, but your identity is still a ghost! Now I politely ask you to leave, otherwise … "The young man said here, and took off his glasses again, which became sharp and cold.
"Ha, otherwise? I am very curious now, what ability do you have to make you say such things that you can’t chew? " Xu Qi continued to stimulate the youth.
"It seems that you are not going to leave quietly, so let me send you away from this world!" The young man unbuttoned his coat as he spoke, then threw it on the ground, his hands brushed in mid-air, cold light flashed, and an ice gun appeared in the hands of the young man out of thin air!
"makes? Boy, this ice gun is so handsome! It is recorded in the miscellaneous notes that the ability of strangers can hurt the soul. I can be careful not to capsize in the gutter. " Xu Qi andao.
"It’s not too late to regret, stay away from Min Xu, or you will be stunned!" Said the youth.
"May I have your name?" Xu Qi suddenly asked.
The young man was silent, his eyes narrowed into a line, and after a moment he said, "Chen Feng! If you want to take revenge on me, I’ll be waiting at any time! "
Xu Qi didn’t get his name as Mr. Chen thought and left. Instead, he took out a very old ancient book from his pocket, and then turned it over. This angered Chen Feng, and his gun was tilted, and he would suddenly and violently kill the enemy at any time.
The ancient books that Xu Qi took out are of course life and death books, and he is investigating the information of Chen Feng …
Name: Chen Feng.
Gender: male