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A crow in the hall

"Wang Di" Ji Chang turned to Uncle Guo.
"If the performance is true," said Uncle Bi, "when the princess is deprived, she will be sent to the court prison for severe punishment."
Ji Chang turned to Jiang Shang again, "Master Shang!"
"Master" Jiang Shang said, "The old minister expressed his opinion on this matter."
"What do you mean?" Ji Chang asked.
Chapter 17 Cihang Ultimate Treatment Plan
I heard Ji Chang ask about Jiang Shang’s surrender and said, "The player is the impeacher of the King and the adopted daughter of the King. It is not appropriate for outsiders to participate in this king’s family affairs. Moreover, Nezha’s old minister and Yu Xu’s younger brother are also old ministers’ nephews. As the saying goes, there is always a cover-up or fishing for fame and reputation, so the old minister law expresses his opinions."
How does this dead old man pick himself clean at the first touch?
Ji Chang looked at me again. "Did you say anything about Nezha?"
I burst into tears at that time. "Father, I …" I pointed to Ji Du. "Ji Du, this is nonsense!"
Ji Chang stared at me and waited for me to say something, but I couldn’t say a word. A terrible pain extended from my hips to my knees, then my shoulders to my elbows and finally to my heart.
"ah!" I plopped down to cover my chest and rolled around in pain. The whole hall echoed and I called.
"Father Wang" Ji Gao went to work. "Nezha’s little sister must have an old illness. Please ask too much doctor for treatment!"
"Father …"
"Your majesty …"
The court was in chaos, and there were people who pleaded with me and wanted to kill me, but several key figures, Ji Fa, Ji Xian, Ji Dan and Ji Shi, never said a word.
Guo Zhong there issued a gloomy voice, "Don’t send it early and don’t send it late, just wait until you answer the king’s question …"
"Father Wang" Ji Du continued to shout, "Do you think this woman is here to throw this woman into the court prison and severely punish her!"
"pa!" Ji Chang slammed the table "Shut up!" Immediate field vibration
He pointed his hand at Jidu. "Someone will tie this backwards!"
Immediately, a guard in front of the temple passed by me and twisted her hands behind her back and tied them up.
"Father …"
"Maid" Ji Chang shouted, "Help the princess to the corridor to rest and cure too much."
"Your Majesty" Jiang Shang said, "The princess suffered from the persecution of the Shang King. After weeks of self-recovery, the princess risked her life in the battlefield and added many new injuries. On weekdays, she worked hard day and night, which made her exhausted and was repeatedly calculated and framed, which led to an increasingly serious illness, which was afraid that it could not be treated by the imperial doctor."
"Master Nezha, a veteran brother, said that Nezha’s illness was caused by resentment. Only killing can alleviate the princess’s illness when she worships Hou. According to the veteran, if some death row prisoners are released from the court prison, the princess may be beheaded to relieve her chest."
Ji Chang nodded and said, "The Prime Minister has a point. My son Nezha saved the lives of orphans twice in the disorderly army. This alone should guarantee my son a lifetime of happiness, not to mention his repeated achievements. It is a pity that there are always such jealous and talented people in our door who specialize in flattering and framing things. How can a few death row prisoners solve my son’s grievances?"
"Come," Ji Chang shouted, "Hang the inverse Ji Du in the square at the mercy of Princess Santan Haihui."
At the moment, I am leaning against the court column, and my pain has not eased. I saw the guards pushing Ji Du out of the hall, and everyone’s eyes focused on me again.
I looked at Jichang and thought, This old guy is really good at acting.
"Father," I said, "Ji Du is the father, the king, the relatives and ministers, and the women have always been respectful to him. How dare they dare to touch him? Please ask my father to take it back. "
Ji Chang said, "So contrary to the principle of provoking dissension, I have already lost all my weeks’ room, and the face of the king left him? And my son is conscientious, which is more important? Wang Xin knows that Ji Du’s life will be handed over to you, and you will be forgiven for killing or cutting the king. "
After that, Ji Chang announced his withdrawal from the DPRK and then disappeared.
I walked out of the hall with the help of the maid and saw that a frame had been set up in the square in front of the temple. Ji Du was hung in half with his hands tied.
Jiang Shang took one look and kept leaving a group of veteran ministers, including Guo Zhong and Guo Shu, and quickly left Tai Ji’s first group of brothers to look on coldly.
I looked up at Ji Du in the middle school, and this guy was watching. I was still glaring and pulling hard. "Nezha has the ability to give you an end."
I’m full of blood. "Jidu! Want to die? Ok! The girl becomes you! " I pushed my maid to show her jade sword.
"Little sister!" Ji Shi shouted "Calm down!"
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With a wave of his hand, I saw three firm but gentle strokes across the hall steps three feet away. I was stunned and closed my eyes in despair.
At the intersection of firm but gentle, Ji Du’s hand rope is broken in order, and Ji Du plops down from half a fall to the ground.
Ji Fa said, "Little sister’s house is kind-hearted and won’t hurt her fifth brother" and then coldly said to Ji Du, "Don’t we hurry to the end and never look back?"
I didn’t wait for Jidu to come to me. Shane’s pain hit me again, and I fainted and fell headlong from the steps.
Yi Jiang heard the news and asked the servant to carry me into her room. I didn’t want to disturb her and Xiao Gong and insisted that she send someone to send me back to the women’s branch.
I have been lying groggy in my room for the next few days. This is the worst pain I have had since I was born again. Because medicine can cure it, I can wait for it to ease naturally. Everything was handed over to Yu Luoji, the representative of Zhou Wang and Taitai, who came to see me several times. In fact, I took the opportunity to find Yu Luo.
On the third day, Wu Ji came to see me on behalf of Jiang Shang. He said to me, "Master is coming in person now in Huashan during the military exercise, and it is not appropriate for him to come forward now, but Master is deeply grateful and sorry for you taking the blow for him."