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What’s more, I don’t know that the erotic conversation between them just fell into the ears of the outsiders.

"Why do you want to?"
Just as the two people walked away harmoniously, after an evil spirit and a magnetic male ring, Wu Tongtong suddenly looked back at the crack of the door.
"You …"
Screaming one!
Before she pulled back from the picture she just saw, her body was turned over by a man and pressed against the back door plank. Then the man in the room seemed to be greatly stimulated and needed to vent. In general, his mouth was heavily cursed, and his big hand squeezed her skirt hard without taking off each other’s clothes, regardless of whether she was ready or not …
Another whimper!
The pain made her bite her lip and frown …
Soon after, she opened her mouth slightly and called out his name, but the man closed his mouth and wouldn’t let her out …
In the mouth, she looked at the evil spirit in front of her with her soft face against the door panel, and the eyes of the man in perfect clothes were slowly blurred.
The man looked at her as if he hadn’t looked at her. She moved heavily and closed her eyes slowly.
Leng Xiao has been back to Scorpio for three days.
A professional special soldier is there, and he won’t allow himself to completely lose his center of gravity.
He’s gone Bao Qi-ri is still living like that, and she still stays in the village for a long time. It seems that there is no change compared with before.
By this time, it was already extremely hot, and the sun shone on the earth like a wish not to pierce people’s skin. A drop of water fell into the ground and instantly turned into steam and disappeared by her.
However, it is here that the wild roses in the mountainous areas of Yannian Village are more flourishing.
In the past three days, she has been climbing early in the morning dew and hasn’t fallen off to pick rose branches, but she is no longer a small tour guide to make money. There is no special purpose. She is a bit like an obsessive-compulsive disorder-she is not comfortable when she sees flowers.
At the top of the mountain, she occasionally hides in the shade and looks at the distant country road for a while.
However, there is always a smile on her lips, and no one knows what she is thinking.
In the countryside, it’s really nice to hear about it all the time, so it’s quiet and leisurely.
Section 23
At the same time, he was in Beijing, thousands of kilometers away from Yanian Village.
It’s the weekend.
On the third day, Lengxiao returned to Dijing Mountain Villa.
I’m very used to adjusting the light rain carefully and patiently in the nursery school. Life here is small. ※ My face is red ※ My eyes are moist and energetic, but she is still silent in her own world, like she is indifferent to the outside world and worrying about her own affairs.
Lengxiao went into her room and squatted down. ※ He touched her forehead.
"Daddy’s back!"
Turned to look at him. It rained a little and didn’t say anything this time.
Of course, it’s enough for her to take a look at it. What she knows is that she is so-called cold-faced. She takes out her pocket phone and hands it to her. Simply put,
"Come and call Mommy."
It’s raining a little and still hangs his head in silence! But it’s like hearing it, obediently taking the mobile phone from him, and then my girl can dial the number of Baoqi dialect accurately and wrongly.
Of course, Leng Xiao was not surprised by this, because when he was three years old, he had memorized more than 2 digits of pi.
Do you listen to the microphone silently with your eyes wide and a little rain?
After a long time, she finally opened her mouth and said, "Mom … Mimi …"
"Well …"
I don’t know what Bao Qi said to my little girl over there. She promised obediently or didn’t talk or’ hmm’. She squatted quietly beside her, and the cold owl looked at her with a small pink toot, and her face felt very sweet. When she finished speaking, she took the words and chatted with Bao Qi again.
There’s no practical point in speaking. The little woman said a few words without pain, and then she said she was busy cooking dinner.
So hang up!
Put your words away, he picked up the little girl and kissed her on the forehead.
"How lovely! Daddy bought you delicious food. "
"Dad … good!"
My little girl managed to piece together three words, which made Xiao Ye feel physically shocked and emotionally excited. His hands were tight and tight, one big and one small, and he didn’t finish holding the stuffy little girl, so he went upstairs into the living room.
There are several fancy snacks on the coffee table, all of which were specially consulted by Wei Liao before he came back. It is said that all of them are loved by his children. He doesn’t know if it will be rainy, but these little things look gratifying there.
Fortunately, it rained a little, although she was autistic, but because of human ability, she still resisted delicious food. She was held by a cold owl and sat on a small stool next to a few tables. She took a sip and began to eat. ※.
Uncle Xiao is happy.
I scraped her nose piteously, saw that she was eating well, and took out a paper towel to wipe her mouth. The dregs were full of fatherly light.
After a while, the door of the living room was closed and creaked!
At this time, the person who can find a door can be Fan Tie, the prospective groom who is getting married at the end of the year. It seems that there is nothing at all that can make him fidgety, but when he speaks, he is sour and sharp, and his throat is as loud as a cannon.
"Owl! Oh, what a good father and a good daughter … "
Let go of the cold owl’s face and gave him a cross look. "What are you doing here again?" This fellow is now in his own house, so he ran to his house to eat, drink and sleep.
"Come and see you! Just eat rice! " Lazily came up Fan Tieshun hand pinched my little girl face or shrugged his shoulders and sank his tall body into the sofa.
While sitting there eating and drizzling, it seems that I haven’t seen him at all, and I don’t care about his movements and sounds.
Looked at Fan Tie laughed "owl want me to say this child is really like you! Ha ha ha … "
Say that finish see LengXiao face uncomfortable drily smiled again after a few seriously turned to stare at him and asked seriously.
"Is that you?"
"Well," Lengxiao answered without hesitation.
Fan Tie like startled "impossible? This girl doesn’t look much like you? "
Seeing my little girl take something, her little hand suddenly paused, and a cold owl gave him a cold scolding in her heart.
"Don’t fucking talk in front of my daughter."
He knows that the little girl can’t see anything in her heart, and she knows everything like a mirror, and how much a child without a father yearns for a warm family, he can probably be white