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This feeling is really good! ! ! Is this what it feels like to be a champion? In this noisy bus, the coach found that his mood was so peaceful and calm at this time! ! ! !

At about three o’clock in the afternoon, the parade bus circled the center of Naples and finally came to the downtown square, which was wide enough to accommodate tens of thousands of people and stood in the huge square where Naples guarded the sacred Dominica in ancient mythology.
Napoli players got off the bus and were surrounded by fans to a high platform that had already been built in the square. On the platform, Napoli coach Rhea made a speech to the fans on behalf of Naples Club.
"thank you! ! ! Thanks to all the fans who have been supporting us, apart from a group of talented players, your support is also essential for Naples to achieve today’s achievements. Here, on behalf of the president of the club, Mr. Delaurendez, and on behalf of the entire Naples club, I thank you! ! ! !”
Leia bowed deeply to the audience, and the Napoli players behind him bent down in unison, learning to be a coach. There was a deafening cheer in the square.
Leia waved his hand to signal the fans to be quiet, and then said, "This season has finally ended. I think at the beginning of the season, absolutely no one thought that we would win the championship this season. Because a year ago, we even had to work hard to avoid relegation. But now, the trophy that Domonica and I are holding has told us that we are champions! ! ! ! All Napoli fans, let’s cheer, because we are already the champion of Serie A.
In the crazy cheers of countless fans who have been excited by Rhea’s words, Rhea and Qinan jointly held the championship trophy high. The golden championship trophy was so beautiful and dazzling in the sun! ! ! ! At this moment, it is even more dazzling than the sun in the sky! ! !
After more than two hours of celebration with the fans in the Plaza Santo Domingo, the time has arrived in the evening. In the lobby of the Naples municipal government, the mayor of Naples cordially received and met with the team. At this time, the team was already dressed in suits and ties. Because the mayor of Naples and government executives will have dinner with the whole team.
As a die-hard fan of the Naples team, the mayor of Naples was also very excited and excited during the dinner. Frequently raise a glass to Dellaurentis, Rhea and a bunch of Naples players.
As a loyal fan of Qinan, the mayor offered Qinan a few glasses of wine alone, and to his delight, after the dinner, he got a No.13 jersey signed by Qinan from Naples Club. You know, this jersey is the same one that Zinan wore when he scored a hat trick against Inter Milan yesterday, so it is of special commemorative significance. Therefore, from the perspective of a fan, the preciousness of this jersey can be imagined. No wonder the mayor of Naples was so happy when he took the jersey from Qinan, as if he had got a rare treasure.
Volume III
Chapter two hundred and thirty-seven-Foot injury
Ugh! ! ! My head hurts! ! ! The feeling of being drunk is really bad! ! !
In the bedroom on the second floor of Mermaid Avenue and Qinan’s small building, Qinan woke up from a hangover. Zuilu academy
After being received by the mayor of Naples yesterday, the whole team of Naples went up and down to the Sao Paulo Stadium to celebrate with Naples fans. After the celebration party, the club then held a celebration reception for the team in the most luxurious hotel in Naples.
At the reception, the club president Dellaurentis fulfilled his promise before the game. movie mogul actually came to the hotel with 3 million euros in cash and handed the money in the suitcase to the head coach Rhea in front of everyone. As for how to divide the money, it is a headache for the head coach.
As you can imagine, Dellaurentis won unanimous praise from all Naples players on the spot. After your Excellency delivered a warm speech, the reception became a paradise for Naples players! ! !
Beer, red wine, wine, champagne …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
The internal reception of Naples Club didn’t end until three o’clock in the morning, and Qinan was already drunk and unconscious as early as one o’clock. When the reception was over, there were few people who could stand at the reception. Finally, under the arrangement of the club, the drunken Naples players were sent back to their homes by the hotel staff. Qina patted his head and had some confusion. Yesterday, his last impression was to spell wine with Hamsik that boy, and finally he fell headlong into the carpet-covered reception hall in Hamsik’s triumphant laughter.
What a shame! ! ! ! Jina got up and sat on the bed. Recalling the embarrassing incident that happened last night, I couldn’t help but have a fever on my face.
It seems that these boys will be laughed at by Hamsik in the future! ! Qinan "lamented" in his heart.
Looked at the bedside alarm clock, JiNa suddenly found that it was already three o’ clock in the afternoon. Zuilu academy
I actually slept for more than ten hours? Has been fully awake JiNa tongue-tied. You know, he has always been full of energy, and he seldom sleeps late.
Stretched so comfortably that he almost wanted to moan. Qi Nan got out of bed, put on slippers, walked to the French window, opened the blue curtain, and let the afternoon sunshine in Naples tilt into the bedroom. Looking at the charming scenery of Naples outside the window, Qinan only felt that life was so beautiful.
Serie a champion! ! ! Serie a golden boots! ! ! Raise the championship trophy in the admiration and cheers of thousands of people! ! ! What happened these days is as beautiful as a dream to Zhengnan.
Falling off a cliff, being rescued by Uncle Tian, hurting people, fleeing with Xiu Xiu, secretly protecting Qin Sishui to study in Italy, unintentionally joining the Naples team, gaining a foothold in the Naples team, and leading Naples to win the Serie A championship two days ago, all this seemed like a somewhat absurd dream to the south.
Qinan still remembers his feelings when he first arrived in modern times, panic, shock and confusion. He didn’t know what happened to him, so he panicked; He was shocked to see one new thing far beyond his imagination. When he came to the bustling big city with Xiu Xiu, he was lost in the future.
It was not until I saw football for the first time in modern society and then mistakenly joined the Naples team. Qi Nacai finally found his spiritual sustenance and the goal to fight for in this world.
Think of life now, Qina had some regrets and sighs. In just two years. I can say that I am already a world-famous football star. I have completely lived in a modern city like a modern person.
Driving a sports car that I once thought was a monster, watching TV that once surprised me, and using all kinds of strange things that once shocked me. This kind of life makes Qinan almost forget that he is an ancient man who crossed from the Song Dynasty.
What kind of logic and procedure will my life carry out this unknown and inexplicable interpretation? In what way will fate annotate my strange soul? Qinan looked up at the unpredictable clouds in the sky of Naples. A burst of inexplicable sadness in Zuilu Academy quickly filled the whole heart.
"Brother Qi, are you finally awake?"
The bedroom door creaked away, and Xiu Xiu’s surprised face appeared in the line of sight of JiNa with a hint of concern.
Qina thrust Xiu Xiu, who has walked beside him and is nervously spying on himself, in her arms, tightly, as if in a piece of the most beautiful works of art in the world.
Holding my little girl’s delicate and soft charming body. Smelling Xiu Xiu’s elegant hair as sweet-scented osmanthus. Only at this time did Qina know that she was not in a dream. Because the temperature of Xiu Xiu’s hands like Wenyu tells Jina. All this is true.
In the warm afternoon sunset in Naples, Qinan held Xiu Xiu like this, as if he wanted to hold him forever, until the seas run dry and the rocks crumble! ! !
The little girl buried her head in her brother’s strong bosom, and at the moment she entered the door, she saw the deep sadness that Jina exuded. She doesn’t know why his brother suddenly did this, so now she can only hold her brother tightly. But Xiu Xiu didn’t know how to comfort the man she loved deeply, which made her feel remorse and fear.
"Brother Qi, what happened?" After a good half ring, Xiu Xiu looked up, and her beautiful eyes were full of heartache and remorse.
Looking at Xiu Xiu a face of fear expression, JiNa didn’t know I just scared her.
"No, just some feelings! ! There are so many things happening these days that I can’t wake up for a while. Don’t worry, you know? " Jina kissed my girl’s smooth forehead and whispered.
"oh! ! ! Scared me to death, I thought something important had happened! ! !” My little girl patted her chest while sticking out her tongue in terror, which made Jina smile by her lovely little gestures.
"By the way, his brother, Rhea coach called this morning, because you are sleeping, so he asked me to tell him. He said that the team was temporarily dissolved, and you were given three days off, and it took three days to regroup and resume training. "
"Oh, I see. Hey! ! ! A season has finally come to an end. I am busy with training and competition during this time, and I have no time to accompany you. Now I finally have a holiday. Do you want me to accompany you somewhere for fun? " Qina patted Xiu Xiu’s little face and asked in a spoiled way.
"Don’t, these days because of all kinds of celebrations, you have little rest. Let’s take advantage of these three days to stay at home and have a good rest. Because in three days, you will start to resume intense and busy training! !” Listening to Xiu Xiu’s thoughtful words, Qina was moved beyond measure. What more can you ask for if you have such a wife? ! !
At the request of Xiu Xiu’s soft language, Qinan made up for a long sleep in the afternoon, and made up for the poor sleep these days.
At 7: 30 in the evening, Qina woke up from a comfortable sleep again. At the dinner table, Qina drank the chicken soup cooked by Xiu Xiu himself and ate all kinds of his favorite Chinese dishes, and sighed in his heart that such a life was so wonderful! !
But when he got up the next morning, he found a problem that he didn’t know was serious. His left leg, which was shoveled by Cambiaso against Inter Milan, actually became more and more painful.
In fact, the left foot that has been shoveled in the past few days has been a little painful, but because he was too excited these two days, Qinan himself didn’t care too much. He originally thought that he would be fine after two days’ rest, but now it seems that his idea is wrong. Instead of getting better, the injured left foot is getting worse! ! !
On Wednesday morning, Qinan, who found his left foot a little uncomfortable, had to stay at home. Originally, he planned to accompany Xiu Xiu to visit the Domenica Foundation. By the way, I would like to express my condolences to those who help Xiu Xiu manage the foundation for free.
Xiu Xiu, who was in a hurry, immediately called Qinan’s agent and best friend-argus Tini.
After argus Tini got a call from Xiu Xiu, the girl came back from Milan, hundreds of kilometers away, without continuing to soak.
Then he immediately informed the Napoli club and head coach Rhea.
Hearing that Domenica’s left foot was unwell, the coach who was on vacation immediately rushed to Qinan’s home with marino, the general manager of the club.
Under the arrangement of Rhea and marino, Zinan was taken to Naples City Hospital for the first and detailed examination.
A few hours later, in the office of Angelo, the doctor who examined Qinan and the best sports injury doctor in Naples, Rhea and marino finally waited for the test results.
"Soft tissue injury of left ankle joint, slight fracture of pubic bone of left instep, but fortunately, it’s not a big problem. Normally, you don’t need surgery, so you can take restorative conservative treatment. Remember, you can’t do any big exercise within ten days, and then do another test ten days later, and then it depends. ………………………………………………………………………………………. "In the hospital office, Angelo for a face of anxious Rhea and marino detailed analysis of the left foot injury of Qina.